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Forex Education

Do You Know How to Use Advanced Price Action in Forex?

If not, now’s the time to learn how to use Price Action to:

  • Accurately predict price reversals and continuations
  • Enter and exit trades at the perfect times
  • Make consistent profits trading Forex

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Don’t Put Too Much Faith in Your Method

Let’s face it the majority of people are attracted to Forex for the money. If you learn Forex it can make you money. It can make you a lot of money, but it will not happen fast. I am sure you already know that Forex is not a get rich quick scheme. Many people out there spout that line. However, what many people won’t tell you Forex trading is a career…..

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12 Essential Trading Tips to Make You a Pro Trader

This isn’t some self-help rubbish list that’s meant to inspire. This is down and dirty, harsh and truthful forex education. A man in my place has the pleasure of talking to scores of newbie traders . If there is one thing I have learned it’s that most newbies forego the basic training and jump straight into the war zone.

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4 Psychological Pitfalls That Will Blow Your Account

Meet Jack: Jack is a professional trader. He makes all his money trading the Forex market. He has traded for five years. He is patient, disciplined and, in his trading, he is fearless. Meet Tom: Tom is a newbie. He barely manages to break-even with his trading. He has traded for six months but has not bothered with basic Forex education. Tom takes unnecessary risks as he is undisciplined, and he panics when he takes a trade.

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Reading Candlestick Patterns

After a candle is born the battle begins. The bulls and the bears fight it out and the candle displays to us who is winning. If there are more buyers in the market you will see the candle move up and form a bullish candle. If there are more sellers you will see the candle move down and become a bearish candle.

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Kill Forex Losing Streaks

This is one of the best Forex Education tips you will ever get. Losing streaks always start small, you may make a little mistake in your analysis, which leads to a bad trade. Maybe out of anger, you take another bad trade and from there on out the losing streak takes on a life of its own.

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Spotting Reversal Trades

Learning to trade reversals is an important part of Forex education. An indecision pattern indicates a possible reversal when it forms after a strong move. The possible reversal is confirmed if the indecision candle is followed by a candle moving in the opposite direction.

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