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Forex Education

Want to Join Our Forex Ninja Academy?

Welcome to our Forex Ninja Academy. Just as in real life not everyone will graduate from the Forex Ninja Academy. It takes true dedication and motivation to succeed in the Forex market and the Academy is no different.

Here we will show you exactly how to trade. So if you’re totally new to Forex, like the baby ninja to the right, then this is a great place to get started with your Forex Education and become a full grown Forex Ninja. If you’re more advanced and have experience in the Forex market then this is a great place to see things that others won’t have shown or taught and a great place to brush up on knowledge. If you’re super advanced, and feel you could kick Bruce Lee’s ass in the dark, then please check out the Free VIP section.

The Forex Ninja Academy is split into 5 sections.

Level 1 – Ninja Recruit

Weapon – Training Staff

You have just entered the Academy and are learning basic Forex knowledge. Here you are armed with a weapon training staff to tackle these obstacles. You will learn what Forex is, how the Forex market operates and when not to trade. Remember the staff is useless in your hands. You have not mastered all the techniques and tricks which we have yet to show you. So try not to hurt yourself too much!

Level 2 – Newbie Ninja

Weapon – Throwing Stars

You have settled in to your room at the Forex Ninja Academy but don’t get too comfortable you still haven’t been initiated yet…

Analysis and charts are a Forex traders basic and vital weapons. These can be used for offense or defense. We will show you how to wield your weapons for maximum gain in today’s Forex climate.

Level 3 – Little Ninja

Weapon – Nunchucks

By now a third of the other recruits have given up. Hey, that’s not important because as a Ninja you have to be determined, dedicated and single minded. You will need those traits to learn about the various indicators and signals traders use to enter or exit a trade.

Just like with nunchucks you must be careful with indicators. Indicators can lead to you inflicting more damage upon yourself than any other weapon can. They can be misleading, contradict each other or just damn confusing. And remember some people are just better off without weapons or with just their fists: clean charts.

Level 4 – Super Ninja

Weapon – Naginata

This is where the training really kicks up a notch.

Here the Ninja Masters will show you how to read the charts so you will know what your opponent is most likely to do before he does it. This way you can attack first by entering a trade in the right direction or you can block his coming attack and exit the trade. The best way of doing this is by learning Price Action.

Most Ninja Masters feel threatened by their students and wouldn’t teach this. We teach it because we feel you couldn’t become a true Ninja without it and we want to have the best traders out there.

Level 5 – Bruce Lee

Weapon – Katana

Only a few of the initial recruits have attained this level, although many aspire to this level but are unwilling to put in the hours of practice to achieve it. Don’t get cocky and pat yourself on the shoulder quite yet…

Brokers will flee when you place trades on their platform as you hone your skills and get the mind-set of a true champion. Pips will hear your call and rush to the safety of your Katana.

Although Bruce Lee wasn’t an actual Ninja, tell me who wouldn’t want to be as good at Forex as Bruce Lee was at martial arts…

Once you have absorbed what the Ninja Masters have to teach then it is time for you to put the lessons into practice, and go kick the markets butt. For continued support check out the Free VIP section where there are further tools and systems to help you further in the real world of trading.