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Camarilla Pivot Points

What Are Camarilla Pivot Points?

Back in the 80′s, a bond trader called Nick Scott (Nick Scott was not NickB’s dad) was hard at work developing Camarilla pivots. By 1989, he came up with the perfect formula and thus the Camarilla pivot was born.

Camarilla pivots use a truism of nature to come up with some pivot points. It is a complicated mathematical formula and the good news is you do not need to know it. There are free calculators like the Forex4Noobs pivot point calculator to calculate it for you.

How To Use Them

They work just like normal pivot points. You can trade ranges and breakouts. However, you will find that Camarilla pivots are bunched a lot closer together. As to their effectiveness, you should try them yourself and see if you like them.