About Us

At www.forex4noobs.com we want to provide everyone with a reliable source of trading education for the Forex market. As a team of professional currency traders with a focus on price action trading, our goal is to share our low maintenance and stress free trading strategies with everyone.

In such a fast paced and volatile market having access to high quality education is crucial to your success. With over 20 years of combined trading experience you can expect practical advice with realistic expectations. Here at www.forex4noobs.com you will find a no nonsense and no hype approach to Forex trading.

Nick Bencino

Nick Bencino

Nick has been trading the Forex market for over 15 years and is also one of the UK’s leading Forex trainers. He has experience in a wide variety of markets including stocks, futures and more recently cryptos.

George Domaille Forex

George Domaille

Previously a student of Nick’s, George has been trading Forex for the past 6 years. He focuses on price action trading using Nick’s strategy but also throws his own techniques into the mix.

Annelies Verroken

Liz Verroken

Liz first started trading Forex in 2013 after meeting Nick. She focuses on price action trading large time frames in order to fit trading around her schedule. Her philosophy is to trade as little as possible while maintaining a good return.