203.44 trade

Hey guys,

I did not mention this one in the analysis because I cannot just mention every line on my chart. The line was on my chart though and it was definitely usable. I personally did not take this trade since I only aim for 100 pips per week and that target was reach on the last two trade.

Anyway 203.45 was broken first half target of 70 pips was hit, at this point I would prob have a break even stop loss with half a position still open.

Who caught this trade?

P.S. Was a little late to kick off but this week has been great.

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8 thoughts on “203.44 trade
  1. Nick…

    I caught the 203.45 trade, but got in at 203.573!!! About 2 minutes ago, I exited the trade at 204.249 level due to the fact that I saw that because of the previous days high and low, the market was at a 161% fibonacci level. So, that is a major resistance level and I decided to get out with that thought in mind.

    I traded 500 mini lots for all 60 pips profit….

    Another great day.

    I was out of town and could not catch the other level that you mentioned, but at least I got 60 pips…

    It was a great trade.


  2. Nick,
    caught the break of the 200.79 line and held my position open (took a risk) because the market was not moving up or down either and closed @ 203.51 line after it shot up. Great Trade!

  3. Got in staraight away at 203.61 after some rubbish slippage! Hung about for an hour. Already had pips for the day so I closed out at 12 and went out to play with my band. Didn’t fancy autopilot. What a good week.


  4. I took the trade on the break of 203.45 after the close
    of the 4hr above it. Got out with 30 pips

    Could have held out for more but the trade started losing
    momentum so I got out with what I had.

  5. Nick
    GBP/JPY great trade. All happened yesterday just as you predicted. Got 47 pips. Keen to read next weeks

  6. Your lines consistently work like a charm.

    The market has been in a strong uptrend the last 2 days. I was expecting a breakout from the tighter market early in the week. I got into my long trade at the 201.80 line break. I let the big dog hunt. I added to my positions at the 203.00 and 204.00 line breaks. Took profit at 207.00.

    I’m on vacation the rest of the month.

    Thanks Nick.