3 TradingView tips to make trading easier

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These 3 TradingView tips will make your trading easier!

Tradingview is, in my opinion, the best charting software out there. They have so many tools and features it’s easy to miss some of them. As a trader, I’m sure you can relate to wanting to make trading as quick and easy as possible.

Here are 3 ways I use some of the features on TradingView to help with that.

3 TradingView tips

TradingView tip 1: Flag your watch list

If you didn’t know, be ready to have your mind blown. You can “flag” a pair on your watchlist and change the colour of the flag.

I take advantage of this in a very basic way. If I spot a short set-up I will flag the pair with a red flag. If I spot a long set-up, I flag it with a green flag. This helps me organise my watchlist quickly. I don’t need to remember which pair I saw a potential set-up on since I can just check for flags!

TradingView Flags

TradingView tip 2: Use price alerts

Price alerts aren’t new. However, they’re a lot more useful than you think. Instead of using the price alerts for when it reaches a price you might want to take a trade at set the price alert at your entry, target, and exit. This way when you are using a limit order, for example, you will get an alert when you’ve been entered!

I find it useful as it means I don’t have to keep checking if a trade has been entered or exited. I also use them to alert me when a trade hits the halfway point to my target. Depending on market conditions, I might want to move my stop loss or take some profits.

Using price alerts this way means you can be away from your charts more and it helps you manage your trades on the go.

Tradingview tip 3: Save chart layouts

You can save a chart layout by clicking the cloud button at the top. This means you don’t have to redraw your indicators or s/r areas every time you open your chart. This comes in really handy when you use different strategies.

You can rename the layouts so you know exactly which chart is for which strategy. So let’s say you use support and resistance areas and Bollinger bands, but don’t want them on the same chart.

Set your chart up with Bollinger bands → save layout and rename. Then do the same for support and resistance. Boom, easily switch between the two!

Bonus Tradingview tips: Adjust the visibility of your drawings

Did you know you can adjust the visibility of your drawings? You can change which timeframe a drawing will show on! This helps a lot with keeping your charts looking clean.

My girlfriend trades on the hourly a lot, so she needs those support and resistance areas. However, seeing them on the daily charts drives her nuts so she’s changed them to only be visible on the hourly charts. Simply right-click and change the visibility settings! You can also save them as different layouts instead, but my girlfriend prefers to just have it all on one chart.

There are other ways to use this visibility tip! If you like to hedge your trades and you map them out using the position tools, those can be hidden on certain time-frames as well. When checking in on your trades, this will make it easier to see how each of them is doing as they won’t be overlapping.

Of course, this tip depends on your trading style and which tools you use. Just know you can change the visibility of every drawing on the chart.


These 3 TradingView tips are just a small fraction of the tools I use to make my trading easier. Let’s recap:

  • Flag your watchlist
  • Use price alerts
  • Save chart layouts
  • adjust the visibility

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