Advanced Reversal Trading Webinar Released

On the 8th of May I held an free advanced reversal trading webinar. The webinar went extremely well and it has received tons of great reviews. Reversal trading is the cornerstone of my Forex trading strategy and it makes me upwards of 5,000 pips per year. It is one of the most efficient, profitable and effective ways of trading the Forex market. In the webinar I discuss advanced reversal trading amd I go way beyond the basic ‘pattern recognition’ style of reversal trading most people teach. I teach you how to trade reversals based on price action analysis.

Sorry, this webinar is over four years old and I no longer have the recording. You can check out my latest webinar recordings here though.

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3 thoughts on “Advanced Reversal Trading Webinar Released
  1. Nick!
    thank you so much always.
    i cant watch your webinar videos and free course videos.
    before i can watch. but not now.
    your site has some problems?