EURAUD Short Trade, 5 Setups + Won Trades! (Analysis 2019-10-03)

A decent trading day toward the end of this week with a nice amount of potential setups. As usual, I take a look at our open trades from earlier in the week, with some great trades on USDCHF and CADJPY. ​I discuss trade management for CADJPY so catch that if you are still in.

EURAUD is looking very good at the moment for a potential short – keep this one at the top of your watch list and set price alarms if need be as you could trade this very soon on the 12 hour. EURGBP is also still a potential but I won’t be trading due to Brexit.

EURCAD, NZDCAD, USDCAD are all in overall downtrends with price pushing up to resistance areas. These are all very interesting so track them closely, could get some trades in.

Lastly, AUDUSD has hit significant lows and may retrace up to resistance for a short continuation. Likely to be next week on this so be patient on this one.

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One thought on “EURAUD Short Trade, 5 Setups + Won Trades! (Analysis 2019-10-03)
  1. I do really appreciates your analysis. it is always very insightful and imparting watching your videos. Thanks a lot sir for the opportunity of knowing you and accepting me as one your fans.