EURUSD USDCHF Setups, Triggered Trades + More! (Forex Analysis 2019-11-05)

Monday saw the triggering of a few trades that some of you may have caught in CADCHF, EURCAD, and USDSEK, I will keep track of these over the week as we may get some more trade opportunities.

Today’s potential forex pair setups are on EURUSD, USDCHF, CADJPY, with all of them approaching SR areas. We are seeing strong preceding trends so look for extra confirmation of price reversing before committing to any of these potential trades.

CFD setups are showing potentials on EU50EUR and USOiL, with both pairs at resistance for potential short trades. Keep an eye on them and let’s see what tomorrow brings!

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2 thoughts on “EURUSD USDCHF Setups, Triggered Trades + More! (Forex Analysis 2019-11-05)
  1. hi. do you analyse for daily trades also. im like to trade in the 1hour time frame.
    if the analysis is for a week then i cannot expect it to work well for 1hour trades.please explain if i am wrong.

    1. I do analysis for 4hr through to daily charts. You are right that it won’t work well for 1 hour trading. Currently I don’t do analysis for 1 hour trades.