How to Demo Trade the Smart Way in Forex (So you can become consistently profitable)

In this video I will show you how to demo trade the smart way. Too many new traders demo the wrong way, wasting months of time without ever improving.

The goal of demo is to simulate live trading as close to reality as possible. Which means you need to simulate the three CORE skills of trading:

  • Mastering a trading strategy so you take the right trades at the right time.
  • Mastering money and risk management so you never blow your account.
  • Mastering your trading psychology so you can trade with confidence.

In this video I show you a step-by-step approach to demo trading the right way, so that you can spend your time mastering the three core skills, and end your demo trading ready to go live.

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Here are the links I promised:

Are you demo trading the right way?

Are you already demo trading properly? Do you have any other steps you think are important to take when demo trading? If you do, let me know below :)

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8 thoughts on “How to Demo Trade the Smart Way in Forex (So you can become consistently profitable)
  1. Thank you, Nick for the demo trading video. Good advice.

    I think it would be very helpful if you give your opinion on backtesting before demo testing, and how to coordinate the two.

    Thank you,

    1. You do not need to back test, your first lot of data should be gathered by forward testing as described in the video. You can then back test on the data you collected by forward testing.