How to enter trades at the right time – Training session

Do you struggle knowing when to enter a trade?

Well then you already know that finding a great trade setup is not enough. After you find the trade, you need to figure out where to enter. And that can be tough…

…If you enter the trade too early, you might be jumping into a false move. If you enter the trade too late, you miss out on a lot of pips.

Here is an example:
Me and Bob want to enter short on EUR/USD, we are both targeting 1.1100, with a stop at the 1.1250 level. The only difference is that I enter at 1.1200, and Bob enters at 1.1180, 20 pips after me. And that 20 pips makes a big difference. While I have a 50 pip stop, and a 100 pip target, Bob has a 70 pip stop, and a 80 pip target.

As you can see, picking the perfect entry is vital.

But the question is, how do you pick the perfect entry?

Well, in the live training session below, I show you how to do just that. And, I also show you how to:

  1. My price action techniques for avoiding early entries.
  2. How to place smart stops, instead of dumb stops.
  3. How to place smart targets, to maximize the chance of price reaching target.
  4. How to enter on retraces, in case you miss the first entry.

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17 thoughts on “How to enter trades at the right time – Training session
  1. Hi Nick,
    Thank you so much for the webinar last night. I know now how to put a stop loss in relation with the target and I enjoyed that part when you sayed “the bears pull the price a little more down , they are taking the control so I know now I want to enter the trade”. Every thing made sense to me. I am very much looking forward to your next webinar!

  2. like that video ! And I like to see you do the same stoploss and risk to reward like I love to see on the forex market .

    I have a question about audjpy last ressistance level where I was looking for a sell point but if I think about what you say about a stoploss wich should be hard to hit then it would be not a good setup …

    What should I do? To make 80% win Rate? Just follow the trend if it breakout and close out the range first and then looking for confirmation
    When support becomes to ressistance visa versa?

    Shall I never trade the highest points ? Or the lowest ?

  3. Good day,

    I am new to the forex world and just wanted to say thanks for all your webinars. Even though it’s been only 3 months in the Industry I’m learning A lot of good info from you. Do you have any mentorship programas? That would be awesome….thanks again for your time and work.


  4. Nick.

    I have only words of thanks. Really, thank you very much.
    Simple but very effective.


  5. Hi Nick,

    Thank you so much for the webinar. Thanks to your webinar and SR level, i made 70 pips on USD/JPY. that is great, keep it up, Nick.

  6. Nick:
    I had to leave the webinar early due to poor internet service. Thank you for the link to the recording, it was nice of you.
    Watched it and cleared some of my doubts. I will let you know after I put it in practice.

  7. Thank you Nick, That was very useful (S.T.E.P) for me to clarify doubts. I am waiting for next webinar.Thank you so much once again for your commitment.


  8. Hey Nick,
    Thanks for a great tutorial. I’ve watched most of your YouTube videos and I have to admit that they all are great. I’ve learned so much…

    I am in the Forex market for the past two yeas but just two months ago opened a live account (so far I was gaining experience on a demo accounts). I know, it was long, but I had patience and did not want to jump into it, until I believed, I was ready.

    During that past two years I have watched a hundreds if not a thousands of Forex videos and tutorials on you tube and other websites.
    So far, I found some useful information on just few tutorials, up until now. Of all of those tutorials I watched, nothing COMPARES to what you are showing here.

    You really rock!

    The way you are explaining everything, is just unbelievable.
    Nick, you are amazing! And best off all, you are doing this for free.
    I don’t know how to thank you for all of this.


    I really, really appreciate your help and generosity. Believe me, I know what i am talking about, after watching all of the videos on the internet and spending zillion of hours in front of the monitor.


    Thank you, thank you! You’re the best!


  9. How do you act on new price levels… For example, XAUUSD is moving up since 2016 – when I see the market delays (I put a “minor” s/r) but when I see a bounce I place an s/r?

    1. Hi Iman,
      sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner! I saw that you found a vid that helped you out though :) For those of you wondering the same thing, Iman found an answer in this video!