EUR/JPY 135.65 Live Trade Video

Hey Guys,

I have started trading EUR/JPY recently. I am not doing analysis for it since I am only testing at the moment but so far its going well.

This was a pretty good trade I got a late entry so I ended up making 22 pips which is 8 pips shy of the 30 pip target. Either way it was a profitable trade. Check it out:

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30 thoughts on “EUR/JPY 135.65 Live Trade Video
  1. Nice trade and thanks for sharing.

    I was wondering why you dont set a fixed take profit and avoid potential slippage. I understand the logic for the stops.


  2. Thanks for the video – always nice to see the action.

    I like this pair due to the lower spread for some smaller target scalping I do.


  3. I was in the chatroom when Nick announced this trade in case anyone wonders about the ‘veracity’ of the trade. This one is al fresco on the hoof, flopping on the deck fresh. It helps to see a pro take his profits. Always enjoy your videos Nick.

    Live long and prosper

    1. @Jac:

      This is a EUR/JPY trade not GBP/JPY so the targets are different since it is a slower moving pair.

  4. Nick,

    Two questions:

    Are you using the same scalp line parameters (adjusted for ADR of course) we all know from the NickB method ?

    Do you use a rough %-of-account to size your stop according to pips risked?

    The videos rock! Thanks so much.

  5. Nick,

    I trade EJ for some time actualy from the time I traded GJ and my take profit on this pair with high rate of success is 40 pips.


  6. Nick,

    wondering if you still trade GBP/USD, and if so, why would you keep your cable tgt for 50 pips….doesn’t E/J move quicker than Cable?

  7. Thanks Nick!!!

    Much appreciated. I don’t feel so bad with my higher % now… I’m operating under the logic that my account’s not huge, so 5% isn’t either. When I’m trading M’s it’ll be a different story ;-)

  8. Will be interested to hear of your progress with ej. I was watching and trading it until I came to your site, then finally let it drop!
    Thanks for sharing Nick.

  9. Nick. No other trader actully has the stones to back up their claims by posting live videos. You’re the man!

  10. Have just started in 4x and was introduced to your website by a friend with all the good information you and others have give if hope to be able to start trading for real soon thank you for all the lessons and information these videos are great tools for me