Forex Education: Weekly wrap-up for week starting 9th March

Hey guys,

Last week did not work out as planned. We only had a single trader triggered and it hit the 70-80 pip stop loss. Can’t win them all though, I average about 8 wins for every 10 trades so I expect to lose 2 out of every 10 trades. I think my average may be a little closer to 9 out of 10 this year though as losses have been far and few between.

Anyway better luck this week, I am already finished trading for the week and i collected about 1 months worth of pips!

How did you go last week? and how have you done so far this week?

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3 thoughts on “Forex Education: Weekly wrap-up for week starting 9th March
  1. Nick:

    Was wondering if you have done any analysis on the EUR/USD or GBP/USD? I feel that a possible top is forming as too many people are too bullish on the EUR. I’m just using sentiment here. I know the trend is still up but when you see people on TV using Euro’s instead of USD in NYC that’s got to be a screaming sell! Was your take on that?


  2. That is more long term speculation I do not trade that way. I do not doubt that it is very profitable but I just do not have the patience to wait 6 months to exist a trade. I am fine with 6 hours. I actually use long term speculation just to keep my money safe. Like for example 16 months ago I changed all my U.S. into Swiss Francs and Euros because i was expect a weak dollar.

  3. I got stop loss on both trades the 208 and the low target but its ok I got good trades the last few weeks