Forex GBP/JPY Signals & Analysis (Wk Str 17/08/08)

Hey Guys,

I know I haven’t done any analysis for the past few weeks but with the Summer holidays in the U.S. and U.K. GBP/JPY slowed down to a crawl and there was hardly any trading to be done. Last week it finally picked up again making a very strong bearish move to lows we haven’t seen since mid May. Since GBP/JPY is moving again I am restarting the weekly analysis. I am not doing a weekly wrap-up for last week since there was no analysis but last week was a great trading week. Several S+R line breaks and one scalp line break were all profitable and there was upwards of 350 pips up for grabs. Let’s hope this weeks a repeat of last…

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11 thoughts on “Forex GBP/JPY Signals & Analysis (Wk Str 17/08/08)
  1. Hey nick, i discovered you webssite last week, accidentrly as many good things in life, and i am impresed with the clarity of your method, in fact i am more impressed cuz i have been contantly stopped out in many trades just to not being aware of some of those levels. I use EST to closed daily candle , to not have the sunday candle, but the 4h charts in GMT look so clear and nice that i never will use another time for my 4h charts; my old and ugly 4H charts looks so weird and nasty that i want to burn them, but i only have oe PC… Many thanks, truly,

    Saludos (Regards)