Forex GBP/JPY & USD/CAD Signals (Wk Str 29/06/08)

Hey guys,

Here is the analysis for this week, it is a little late I shout it a few hours ago and I couldn’t get it up until now so what I said about the 212.08 line doesn’t really apply. I was hoping it would reverse because the reversal would have strengthened the line again but it broke instead. We have 5 GBP/JPY trades this week and 2 USD/CAD trades what the video for more info.

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13 thoughts on “Forex GBP/JPY & USD/CAD Signals (Wk Str 29/06/08)
  1. Thanks as usual Nick! Made 80 on GBP/JPY, and it looks like USD/CAD was more than profitable as well. Solid analysis, thanks man.

  2. LOL…..macgreen….are u sure usd/cad won?? check properly…… is a clear cut loss on usd/cad……goes up by 10pips and goes 60pips now… that profitable?? LOL….what a big joke man…..just wonder how this guy keep winning…..maybe he is lying?

  3. Shadowman you are the biggest loser, I can tell by your typing its you, you have been banned from Nicks Website Forum like 10 times now under different names (you were just banned again “noob trader”), you are a coward and an annoying little prick. Don’t you have anything better to do with your time than keep trying to sneak into Nicks Website and go on to a Forum that clearly doesn’t want you? Why don’t you find someplace you can belong, there are hundreds of Forums on the internet who would love to have someone who knows absolutely nothing about Trading, preach to them how much you “know”, because we are not stupid enough to listen.

  4. u suck nick » There was a trade at the 211.99 this week? That’s certainly news to me. I actully I thought I made it quite clear I was not trading the 212.08 level….

  5. u suck nick » Great for you, I make 100 per week and I can make 2000 per week if I want to. I choose to make 100 p/w because it only takes me about 1 hr each week and I can then spend my time doing other things besides trading. A traders success is not measured in pips per month, 10,000 pips can equal the same amount of money as 10 pips. A traders success is measured in long term profitability, if a trader can reach his/her goal consistently and grow his/her trading account the trader is successful.

    You need to leave the forums and move on. If you could just behave like a normal person I would have no need to ban you. The problem is you do not seem to be able to conduct yourself in an appropriate manner for more than a few days. You have a superiority complex; you give advice out to others as if you are a professional even though you yourself stated that you were trading a demo account. That clashes with what this site is about, people come here to learn from experienced traders myself being one of them and a few other guys on the site. You are not an experienced trader yet you pretend to be one and to me that is a very serious problem. I do not want new traders coming to my site and taking your advice because they believe you are a professional trader. There are plenty of Forex forums out there already that are full of newbies with God complex’s giving out advice as if they are pros. My forum will not become one of those. If you come in asking for advice on a subject one day and the next you’re giving advice on that same subject as if you are a professional I will give you a warning. If you continue to do the same thing I will ban you. Anybody who doesn’t like that can go over to one of the other Forex forums and take advice from newbies who think they are pros because they just had their first profitable month.

    Beyond that you are also very argumentative and intentionally provoke/harass people via private message and on the open boards.

  6. Adriana » Hey Adriana.

    It is amazing isn’t it, I love it when that happens and we had it happen twice in a row. The 210.56 got a perfect bounce on the 27th the 209.37 got one on the 30th. You have to love the power of S+R lines!

  7. Mackgren » Hey Mack,

    Nice work, I got around 80 pips too. I also jumped in on that reversal candle that formed immediately after the initial 210.56 break. After that reversal candle closed I was looking for a reversal and I used the 210.56 as a confirmation line. Every reversal needs a confirmation line and the 210.56 was the closest so it made for a great second trade too. I am really happy with the 210.56 this week!

    Oh and the USD/CAD was a loss but this is exactly why I am trading 1/4 or less of my normal position to test it out.