Forex Price Action Trading Webinars – Three Day Blitz 2016

The Three Day Price Action Blitz is complete, and it has been the best year ever!

Wow, it was a fun three days for me, and while there were some stressful points, I really enjoyed hosting the webinars and sharing my Price Action techniques.

Before linking you to the recordings I want to make two very important announcements…

… The first is about trading psychology. I believe trading psychology is one of the hardest things for a Forex trader to master. This year I want to focus on showing you how to master your trading psychology. So, next month I will be holding a free webinar on trading psychology for you guys.

Along with the webinar, I will be starting a free trading psychology podcast. I will release more details on both the podcast and the webinar soon.

And the second announcement. I have had a lot of emails about the course this week, so I will be opening up the Advanced Price Action Course either tonight or early tomorrow.

Thank to everyone who attended the Three Day Price Action Blitz webinars, and thanks making this the best Three Day Blitz ever. Here are all the final recordings.

The 3 Day Blitz Price Action Webinars

Day 1: Placing Support and Resistance

On day one I covered advanced support and resistance areas. The day one webinar was a little messy. It was my first public webinar in eight months, and I was sidetracked a few times with all the off-topic questions. However, despite the messiness I shared my support and resistance techniques, and placed areas on a lot of pairs. 

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Day 2: Advanced Candlestick Analysis

On day two I covered advanced candlestick analysis. This was my favorite webinar of the three days. I explained my candlestick analysis techniques in great detail. However, we did run out of time before I could get into some other advanced subjects. One subject in particular that we missed was analysing price movements over multiple time frames. I may write an article about this soon.

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Day 3: Taking Trades Using Price Action

On day three I showed you how to take trades using price action. I explain how I place my stops, entries, and targets. I go through a lot of very recent trade examples and I show you how those trades were taken and managed.

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I hope you enjoy the recordings, thanks again for attending. I look forward to seeing you put my strategy into action.

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20 thoughts on “Forex Price Action Trading Webinars – Three Day Blitz 2016
  1. Nick,
    Thank you for the clear and concise training material. I really like the way teach and have found the course very educational. I hope to employ this clear indicator free way of trading in the near future. I would love to see how any additional material you have in the advanced course, fingers crossed I get a spot.

    All the best,

    Greg Garrett

    1. Hey Greg, thanks, I am glad you enjoyed the webinars and I am happy you like the strategy. I will be putting the advanced course on sale tonight, so you should be able to get a spot. Hope to see you in the forum soon.

  2. Hi Nick,

    Thanks for the three day training. Your method seems so natural to the market and our normal way of thinking that it demands my attention. I find it not only free of indicators but also free of some of the myth surrounding the market. You make trading inviting. I find your material well organized and logically presented. I’m glad that you are opening the door to the advanced course. I look forward to getting on the inside.

    Best Wishes,


  3. Nick,

    Many thanks for the excellent sessions over the recent 3 day period. Your clear approach and clean charts are most refreshing compared to the “indicator mania” advocated by the others.

    Also, your continued commitment to helping all traders to improve our trading outcomes is very much appreciated.

    Ron Peterson

  4. Wonderful webinar series as always. Thanks Nick.
    I took a short on AUDUSD on H6 yesterday at 0.74500 with target 0.73500. It went immediately in my direction but now seems to be following the major uptrend.
    I am wondering whether the reversal strategy works better in a ranging market.
    Would you have taken this trade?


    1. As far as I can see, this trade was not taken from an area of support/resistance, the actual area was at 0.7415, which is where price stalled in your trade.

      1. Thank you Nick. I had marked 0.7485 as resistance, so back to the drawing board.
        Thanks for responding.

  5. Hello Nick,
    I would really like to be a part of the advanced course, but am a pensioner who receives small pension pay. I wish i could be a part, so i can trade to make some income to supplement the little money am getting. Any help?

  6. hi nick, how often do you update the SR on your site? recently there was a lot of volatility on the markets.
    many thanks

  7. Hi Nick
    I contacted you previously about an indicator for placing SR lines as I am visually impaired. After watching the first webinar, it has all fell into place. I was imagining where you would place SR before you place them on the charts in the videos and I was right in most cases. Explaining about not having to be accurate really helped and I am more confident in drawing SR, thanks for the great webinar and I I am going through the next 2 webinars for more clarification of your great system.
    Great work

  8. The best forex education I have attended and I like your honesty and and looking forward to joining the advanced course.Cheers Mike Walker.

  9. Hi Nick,

    3 very useful webinars, thank you! I am using your strategy now with some success, it also helps me with trading psychology.

    You mentioned on the first webinar that you’d post a link to your scalping strategy. I haven’t seen the link but I am very curious to read more on what that strategy looks like.

    Thank you!

  10. Nick!!

    About 2 months ago I’ve started learning about forex trading strategies and price action. Your webminar is the best free content that I have found till now. It’s logical, practical, and your approach is clear.
    I wonder if I still have time for the advanced course.

  11. Hello Nick,
    thanks for the webinar. if your broker doesn’t support 8H or 12H timeframe but you have a chatting software that does, can you still take a trade with the broker if it triggers on these time frames using your chatting software.