Forex Trading in Alberta Canada

Forex trading in Canada can be tough.

In Canada Forex trading is tightly regulated, the leverage is low and most brokers simply aren’t bothered with providing their services to Canadians.

Forex trading in Alberta Canada… well that’s even harder.

The Alberta Securities Commission has extra stringent rules for Albertans that makes trading even harder.

Many brokers flat out refuse to do business with traders in Alberta.

So, I thought I would write this article to help all your Albertans find a Forex broker.

Forex Brokers For People in Alberta Canada

If you want to trade Forex in Alberta, your options are limited…

…But you can trade.

I asked a bunch of Canadian and Albertan trades in my Forex Mastermind group who they trade with.

All of these brokers are regulated in Canada by the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) which means they should be trustworthy.

I have never traded with any of these brokers so I cannot recommend one over the other. I am simply sharing the options.

Other Brokers for People in Alberta?

If you know of any other brokers that offer services to people in Alberta, please let me know. I would love to add them to this list to help out our fellow Albertan traders.

I will only add regulated brokers though!

Please note I am not affiliated with any of the brokers I mention in this article. The links I share are not IB/affliate links.

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  1. Nick Romanovsky

    I live next door in British Columbia who also have tough regulations. I will only do business with a regulated broker. I have one account with FXCM Canada 33-1 leverage, and Rakuten Securities Australian office was happy to open an account with me. Their leverage is 100-1 slightly more of a hassle to do business with though because I have the expense of wiring money to them from my bank account. They do offer Skrill, however I found that a nightmare and gave up. Skrill has extremely bad reviews and when I started having trouble trying to transfer with them I found the exact same thing everyone else was saying about them.