Forex Trading Signals/Analysis for GBP/JPY (Wk Strt 25/05/08)

Hey Guys,

Here is the weekly analysis for GBP/JPY this week. We only have a few scalp lines but if we start to get soem momentum some support and resistance lines will definitely come into play. If we get no momentum this week I will start trading NZD/JPY and EUR/JPY until this GBP/JPY slow down is over. There is only so much ranging I can deal with before I start to look at other pairs.

Watch the vid below for the detailed analysis, good luck this week guys.

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22 thoughts on “Forex Trading Signals/Analysis for GBP/JPY (Wk Strt 25/05/08)
  1. Thanks Nick I got the 206,55 today closed like a normal scalp 50 pips instead of the 30 pips in the analysis because the movement had a lot of momentum

  2. Went long @206.57…closed @206.84….27 pips profit :)…but man its just shooting up…Nice call Nick

  3. Thanks for your help Nick!! made a few pips on the break of the 206.54

    Looking forward to the next blog.

  4. I have a question for Nick: Do you think that would still be a good entry the 209.01 level for a long and if that so how should be treated this line?

    Have a nice day!

  5. kk »

    209.00 is a usable S+R line you guys should really check out the forum more often we are constantly discussing GBP/JPY and upcoming trades.

  6. I already have this feeling that 209.00 line is not strong because of the repeated bounces it have…..and it hit on friday which is the day the market close… i think traders should not even enter this trade

  7. adam »
    Obviously a lost…… not quite, I have mentioned many times on this blog and on the forum that YOU DO NOT TRADE THE LAST 4 CANDLES ON A FRIDAY and YOU DO NOT EVER HOLD POSITION OVER THE WEEKEND. We spoke about this on the forum on Friday only 1 person entered that trade on the forum and that was because it was an auto entry. Nobody else entered because I have mentioned 100 times that you do not trade Fridays.