Free Forex Course Update

Hey Guys,

Wow last weeks release of the course was hectic. I finally managed to add up the real numbers and it looks like 3173 traders signed up for the course. So much so that it ended up crashing the Forex4Noobs server and taking us offline for 5 hours! In the end I had to completely shut down course registration to ease the pressure on the server. Today I am reopening registration for 12 hours. So if you haven’t registered yet you have 12 hours to do so!

As most of you know module 2 of the course is due out for release tomorrow (Monday the 10th of Jan). I will still be releasing module 2 tomorrow but unfortunately not in full. I will be spreading out the release over 2-3 days depending on the impact on the server. This course has become so insanely popular and our server simply cannot cope with the demand. So I hope you understand that to prevent another site wide crash the release of module 2 must be broken up over a few days.

Now here is the important part. If you have not registered for the course yet you can register below..

registration is closed

I hope you guys enjoy the rest of the course!

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5 thoughts on “Free Forex Course Update
  1. Hi Nick
    Registered in the early bird email but seemed to have been missed…I’ve signed up again and hope it doesn’t cause any confusion. Look forward to learning heaps of stuff this year to become a pro trader and give my construction job the flick.

  2. Hi Nick,

    I really appreciate that you spend time in your material covering really important stuff like how to verify broker regulation. I have NEVER seen anyone else cover that except for the usual lip service.

    As important as price action is (and I’m glad you place a big emphasis on that as well), gems like this we don’t get anywhere else.

    Huge thanks and all the best to you.

  3. Hi Nick,

    Like Stephen mentions, I registered early on and did not receive any link to the course. With all the problems you had last week I thought I would wait until it calmed down before mentioning it. I have also re-registered, so hope it does not cause any confusion.

  4. I also registered for the early bird – but didn’t get the link.
    My Forex4Noobs user name is:


    What can I do?