Free Master Candle e-Book

Hey guys,

It seems like there is a lot of confusion over master candles. People seem to be using them as some sort of standalone method and jumping in blindly on line breaks. Like i said master candles are just an addition to the NickB method and they should be used together with scalp lines, candle patterns and price action otherwise they will not work effectively.

Anyway to clarify I have written a free 15 page e-Book that explains in detail the role of master candles in my trading. It is being edited and should be out sometime in the next 1-3 days.

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6 thoughts on “Free Master Candle e-Book
  1. Hola Nick,he leido con mucho detenimiento tu e-book y me parece un aporte estupendo para los traders.Deseo que me remitas lo del tema de la vela maestra a mi correo por favor.Gracias.