Free NicKB Method e-Book Released

This eBook is outdated. My strategy can now be found in the Forex trading strategy section of

The free e-Book is finally out complete so if you want to learn more about my trading method link removed to download the e-Book.

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8 thoughts on “Free NicKB Method e-Book Released
  1. Incredible Nick, just when I thought it couldn’t get any better. I really appreciate the humungous amount of effort you give every day to teach us to be better traders. I swear you get your material across better than any of the professors I had in school. Thanks again,

  2. Hi, this is a good article This is what makes a good free forex education resource, invaluable to both new and veteran forex traders.

  3. Professional job Nick. Best description of your method yet. Clear, concise, and to the point. Other writers would have made a 200 page book out of it. Really appreciate it



  4. That’s a good e-book Nick.Very informative and straight to the point. Your are very helpful to some of us.

  5. Thanks for giving of your time and expertise.
    Some very useful and straightforward information is a welcome change in an area which seems to be full of people who are just out to rip money off from gulible people or even people who genuinely want to learn.