Free Price Action Webinar

Hey Guys,

I am going to start hosting some free Forex webinars. The first one will be held on Monday the 21st of March and it will be on price action trading.

20 Seat Limit

Due to the current set up of forex4noobs chat room the I will limit this webinar to only 20 seats. This is simply because conference software is very expensive. Upgrading to 2,000 seats with the current chat room would cost $3,000 or more. So I will simply host the webinar in the chatroom with the current 20 seat limit. Sorry but this is the way it has to be!

Why You Should Register

1. If your register, 1 hour prior to the webinar you will receive an email with access information. So at the very least you will have a chance of getting in.
2. Registration gives you the option to submit questions to me via email. If some questions are asked commonly enough I will answer them in the webinar.
3. If you register once the webinar is complete I will instantly upload it to forex4noobs and send you a link to view the webinar.

How to Register


What I Will Cover

I will be discussing price action as it applies to advanced reversal trading. More details will be released soon.

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11 thoughts on “Free Price Action Webinar
  1. Good Morning Nick, Has the link for the second webinar recording been released yet? I haven’t seen an email on it, or did I miss it?