GBP/JPY 152.50 Live Trade Video

Hey Guys,

This is the first live trade video I have shot in well over a year, if I remember correctly….

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46 thoughts on “GBP/JPY 152.50 Live Trade Video
  1. Nick,

    Fantastic to watch you go through your thoughts as you trade. Thank you so much. More please!!!!


  2. Excellent – many thanks. Interesting to see you go through the same thought processes I do during a trade – makes me feel I’m on the right lines! More of these would be great.

  3. I agree with everyone here.

    Thanks for the video.

    We could use more of these! :-)
    The thought process that goes on when pulling the trigger and while in the trade is priceless information for all of us.


  4. It’s been four months since I’ve been introduced to this site by a friend. I have learned so much! Thanks so much for your live video trade. This really helped and answered many of my questions. Your time and dedication is greatly appreciated!!

  5. Such a treat to see this. Been a long time. Always interesting to hear what you are thinking as you trade. Keep them coming, Nick.

  6. That was intense how did you have the balls to hold it to 90 lol. Missed that one, must have been early like around 7am sydney

    1. @ Nev:

      It is just experience. It came to the point when I saw it just could not break that 193.00 area. If it broke it would have likely pushed up but if it spends that long messing around just below it I know its time to get out. Holding it to the .90 level wasn’t the hard part, picking a good exit was harder.

  7. Thank you Nick. I just have a question, maybe two. I was wondering how many pips above resistance does it have to go for you to consider it being broken? And how many pips above resistance does it have to go to be considered good momentum? Thank you for your time and your help!!

    1. @Lawana:

      Generally if it is also a psychological level like this one was (152.50)I will enter as soon as it breaks. Otherwise I like to have a 5 pips buffer. It also depends on momentum, if it rushes up very fast and breaks by even 1 pip I will jump in. Momentum plays as does ling importance and strength.

  8. Nice shot Nick, if it would be possible, please try to record at least one live trade every week. The video has so many learning points as everyone can see.

    Keep up the great work Nick and remember that there are thousands who are waiting for your posts.

    Good luck,

  9. Hi Nick!

    Thanks for the video…well done. Yes the volumne iS low… I had to max my speakers to hear it….Just so u know! Thanks!

  10. Hi Nick,
    Thanks. Video was great. I learnt alot. It’s amazing how you can judge the market pip by pip. Awsome.

  11. Watching this video made me laugh Nick. I do the same thing with GFT, that is, hold my button on close at market. I pulled in 35 pips on that same trade and then watched your video and I think you were a lot calmer than I was on the lack of momentum near the psch level. I am sure that a few newbies appreciated this video.

    1. @Capri:

      Nice work it was hard to pull in much more from this trade. The momentum was definitely lacking, eventually it moved up but it would have been a long wait.

  12. Nick,

    Everyone is mentioning it, just for the records:

    The live video trades are the best!

    Keep doing this, I think it is really helpful indeed.


  13. Terrific !!

    Really good to be able to “hear” your thought process through-out the trade…gives me a better insight into you, therefore how/why you do what you do.


  14. Great Trade! Thank You for sharing your knowledge and expertise!! It helps to see how you make your trade and your thought process!! Also, Thank You for putting all time and effort into this site. It is very much appreciated. Happy Pips

  15. Awsome, like been said above it’s great to see your live trade with your thought process in action. Learning heaps from you and the other guys too.
    Great that you have put a site together with so much passion and dedication.

  16. Nick, Thanks for the hard work.
    The volume seem to be very soft, I need to on the computer volume to max, and with a ear piece. Not sure other have the similar problem.

    1. @forex beginner:

      It’s fine on my end I will try produce the video with sound at high quality next time. It will make the file larger but it might help.

  17. Thanks Nick. Excellent. Good to see your thought process and the “shall I come out now or just hold on a few more moments” at the end of the trade. Being a relative newbie I sometimes wonder if I’m being too indecisive as to when to exit when a trade is struggling to reach its target. Clearly I’m not too far off the mark. Anyway thanks again its really appreciated.


  18. Hi Nick. Thanks for the vid. Learnt alot. Its incredible how you can judge the market pip by pip. Awsome.

  19. Thanks Nick .. I love the live trades. Really helps to hear you thinking aloud (do Aussies think any other way??) and see how you judge momentum.

    Here I am grovelling around holding a trade, hope for a push, a few more pips etc and you’re all done and dusted!!

    Would love to see more.

    Quick question.. do you ever go down to a lower timeframe once you have entered to watch for exit candles or is it just on price alone?

    1. @Twinky:

      hahahaha…. bloody Kiwi’s

      Recently I have been looking at lower time frames for exits. However, I tend to do it only with trades that run longer that 20 min. Not much point doing it on at trade that goes for under 10 min like the one in this video. If you can see the trade will rag on a while it can help to switch to a 5 min chart. If ti goes on longer go to the 15 min. Idea is to look for reversal patterns as an early sign to exit.

  20. Excellent! Love the weekly analyses, but to watch you take a live trade was a real treat. As a noob I’d love to see more of these live trades. It was fascinating to hear your thought processes throughout the trade and interesting to compare it with how I do it (a lot less calmly!)

    Not sure if it’s good practice, but I tend to drop down to lower timeframes to look for indecision/reversal candle patterns etc (I see someone has already asked you about this).

    Thanks Nick – much appreciated!

  21. Nice Nick,Keep it up, please are u still in Scotland? Your name sounds More Italian than Aussie,are you an Italian? Your trades are simply excellent.Keep it up.

    1. @Pipsprof:

      My parents are Italian, they were both born in Italy and migrated to Australia. I was born in Australia so officially I am an Aussie but I speak Italian fluently (and I look Italian).

      Yes I am living in Scotland at the moment. It’s a nice country I am loving it up here.

  22. Thanks for posting Nick, it’s nice to see you at work!

    Same here though, try to talk a little bit louder. :-)

  23. Hi Nick,

    It was great seeing you trade live. It was a good example of how to use scalp lines.


  24. well done Nick, nice work on this one. would love to see more of these live trade vids’

    cheers Rich