GBP/JPY Weekly Analysis (Wk Strt 14/Sep/08)

Hey Guys,

As promised I am getting this blog back on track, so here is this weeks analysis. There is not much of a chance for a good short trade this week unless some scalp lines form.

Sorry, this video no longer exists, check out my latest analysis here.

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28 thoughts on “GBP/JPY Weekly Analysis (Wk Strt 14/Sep/08)
  1. Hi Nick,

    I have been following your blogs with great interest and the simplicity is great. You make trading seem all so interesting ;) I have a quick question for you:

    A few weeks ago I came across live trading (with an automated expert advisor). I read a couple of articles and I like the ‘it takes off the emotions from trading’ part. So I have decided to try it on demo account. The results were better than I ever expected! Nick, two quick questions come to my mind.

    1. If automated trading really DOES work, why aren’t pro’s (like yourself) using it and
    2. If automated trading works and all this money can be made, why are these goof balls selling the Expert Advisor for a crummy 99$ ?

    Kind Regards,


  2. @Daniel: Automated trading can work for a while, 1 week, 1 month, even 6 months. However since it is a no-thinking-needed form of trading when market conditions change the EA cannot adapt. So for example, some EA’s work amazingly well in a trending market, but use them in a range bound market and you will lose trade after trade. I do not use EA’s because I learned a long time ago, the only way to succeed was for me to use my mind.

    As for the losers selling EA’s, if they really worked consistently these guys could turn $1k into $10 Mil in 2 years. Do you really think they would bother selling you their magic get rich quick formula? They would be sitting on a beach, sipping cocktails, and sleeping with beautiful women.

    Sorry to burst your bubble but EA’s have been proven time and time again to be worthless. Don’t waste your time…

  3. Do you think, that considering the increased volatility on all pairs a sl and tp of 50/70 is still the right thing to choose?

  4. thanks boss for being back. please i have being trying to enter the chat room but unable …………………what can i do?

  5. @Mike: How about you help yourself instead by downloading and reading the free e-Book. Here is a hint, you will find the info on scalp lines in the ‘scalp lines’ section…..

  6. Hello Nick. I got redirected to your site thru and I think your method is fabulous. Just wanted to know what happened to the site and a certain VanessaFX.

    I am from Nigeria and do not have access to paypal, could I purchase your video thru wire transfer or mastercard or even e-gold?

    It would be nice if you answered all my questions one after the other

    your methods rock

  7. @Ricky:
    I do not talk to Vanessa any more and I pulled out of FC because I was not happy with my business partners wanting to charge for signals. I wanted to open a free site so I pulled out of FC and opened this site.

    No it’s only available via PayPal.

  8. @Ricky:
    I can’t really help, its only available via PayPal, there are no other payment options. Ask somebody in another country to buy it for you…

  9. @John Umoru:
    Here is a hint:

    1) hit the play button on the video in the above post.
    2) Listen.
    3) Wait 8 seconds.