GBP/JPY Weekly Analysis (Wk Strt Aug/09/09)

Hi Guys,

Sorry the analysis is a lil late but like I said in my last post I sprained my wrist so I am trying to stay away from my computer as much as possible.

Since everybody took two trades last week that should not really have been taken because of news from now on I will adding news reports to steer clear of to the analysis.

News to Avoid This Week

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
– All clear to trade


– 8:30 am GMT  Claimant Count Change = Be cautious
– 9:30 am GMT BOE Gov King Speaks = Don’t trade (30 min before or after)
– 9:30am GMT BOE Inflation Report = Don’t trade (30 min before or after)

NOTE: People with hearing impairments have asked me to do text analysis as opposed to video analysis. I cannot do this as video analysis is much easier for me. However, I have added text callouts to the video itself. So if you let the video run when I am talking about where I will go long or short a speech bubble will appear with all the information needed written in text.

Ok guys here is this weeks analysis:

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17 thoughts on “GBP/JPY Weekly Analysis (Wk Strt Aug/09/09)
  1. Thank you so much for doing this week by week, it helps a ton, I’ve learned a lot from you and the other guys on the site.


  2. Thank Nuck for your help, and thank for the speech bubbles. You conquered an italian speaking english as a second language. Ciao

  3. Great service Nick and the latest adapt ion is just another example of the lengths you go to to help all.

  4. Thank you Nick, I appreciate it, you made it clear for me when to enter and when to exit. Thanks again. cheers /

  5. Oops, also meant to say that the addition of the core news is good. Not that it’s a replacement for checking news calendars but it’s good to see it there as a reminder.

    PS: how did I get the monster with the taped mouth again up there.. are you trying to tell me something!!??

  6. Another great analysis. Loved the call outs and news updates. Keeps getting better. Thanks again Nick! Heres to Foot sweeping GBP/JPY!