GBP/JPY Weekly Analysis (Wk Strt Jul/19/09)

Hey Guys,

Enough emails! wow my analysis must be getting popular 37 ‘Nick where is this weeks analysis?’ emails and counting. Yesterday was a JPY holiday so I stayed away from the market…. anyway I is all explained in the video:

Sorry, this video no longer exists, check out my latest analysis here.

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10 thoughts on “GBP/JPY Weekly Analysis (Wk Strt Jul/19/09)
  1. Please start your text blog, it’s difficult for me to understand this video, becuase there’re traders who have hearing problems. I hope you understand me. Thank you.

  2. Hi Nick,

    Your weekly analysis are always great!

    Thanks a lot for this!

    Quick question that has nothing to do, but I think you said something about it sometime ago, but I’m not able to find the article anymore.
    Is there any GFT app for iPhone? If yes what it is? And are you able to access your GFT account from your iPhone to place trades?

    Thanks again and keep up the great work!


  3. Thanks for the video! I have read your e-book and have followed your blog for the past two months. I’m looking forward to making my first trade this week.

  4. Anyone else having difficulty opening/loading the July 19 2009 video analysis?
    Thanks for the great work and insight Nick

  5. Thanks Nick….I suppose I got lucky gaining the pips I gained on the bank holiday. A slight oversight on my behalf. I’ll be checking the calendar more regularly from now on :-) Looking forward to gaining some more pips this week! Cheers

  6. Get’s better and better, love the graphic’s. Must be the Scottish ‘water’ that gives you inspiration……..

    Thanks, Nick!