GBP/JPY Weekly Analysis (Wk Strt Jul/26/09)

Weekly analysis time again. We have some decent lines on GBP/JPY this week but as always keep your eyes open for reversal trades and new scalp lines.

Sorry, this video no longer exists, check out my latest analysis here.

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12 thoughts on “GBP/JPY Weekly Analysis (Wk Strt Jul/26/09)
  1. Hello Nick,Nice analysis for this week.Do you know any broker with the U.S.Dollar volatility Index on thier platform? Especially on an MT4 trading platform? It can give us an added advantage especially on GBP/USD pair,if we do have a technically formation setup on it.I would surely apprreciate it if You or anyone else out there can help out.Hope we all win tonnes of pips this week.Thanks

  2. Thanks for your tired less efforts. millions of your fan will remain grateful for this voluntary service

  3. Great Nick I’m a new member and it’s still sinking in but your analysis makes life a little easier !

  4. Love the weekly video An..Can’t thank you enough Nick..fantastic work you do here..See you in “Tokyo”

  5. I haven’t watch the video yet but just wanted to get me one of those cute little avatar pics