GBP/JPY Wekly Analysis (Wk Strt 1st Mar 2009)

Hey Guys,

I am finally settled in here and Italy and now I can get some work done. From this week onwards the weekly analysis will be released weekly. I will also be rolling out various other site changes so keep an eye out!

Sorry, this video no longer exists, check out my latest analysis here.

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17 thoughts on “GBP/JPY Wekly Analysis (Wk Strt 1st Mar 2009)
  1. Hello Nick, You are welcome back,quite some time now,you stopped your weekly analysis, though MetalHawk did a great job while you were away.I hope Italy will be good for you as you wont have to be trading all tru the night like a vampire.Please endearvour to be sending weekly updates on newly formed scalplines,and Nick when are we getting back to normal gbpjpy levels,where you trade using S&R? or are you off trading S&R lines for good? I want to see us going for our 70pips again.Thanks once again for all the great work you are doing for us.You sure saved my account from total collapse.

  2. Thanks again Nick!
    Your continued guidence is invaluable to improving my trading. Look forward to a nice long @ 141.80 and reaching my weekly pip goal!