Going to Europe

Hey Guys,

Sorry about not posting the analysis this week. I am heading off to Europe on the second week of February so I have a lot of things to organize before then.  I will try my best to get the analysis and other articles out but I cant promise anything. The good thing is when I get to Europe I will have better hours. At the moment in Australia London session opens at about 7pm so I wake up at around 5pm, I am basically a vampire. In Europe I will be sleeping normal hours so I will have heaps more time to spend on Forex4Noobs and I will be able to trade more efficiently. So even though I wont be around much for the next 3 weeks or so when I get to Europe you can expect a whole lot of site changes and updates.

Thanks for supporting the site guys I will try get next weeks analysis up on time.

Until then you should check out some of the other Forex4Noobs blogs. Metalhawk traders my method and his analysis is always spot on with mine. Check out his blog here.

You can also check out Forex4Nooobs’ latest blog released this week Fetor’s Forex Blog

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9 thoughts on “Going to Europe
  1. Go Nick,

    Enjoy your continental travels. Nice to hear an Ozzie voice in the overhwelming fuzz of US static.

    Ive learnt so much in the last hour I couldnt be more thankful.

    happyOzday btw!

  2. Excellent, Nick!

    So the post title should have been: “Moving to Europe” or at least “Temporarily moving to Europe, for better trading hours”

    Enjoy your time!

  3. Best of luck to you. I really enjoy the site and especially Synaspes and Furious Angel comments. See you in a few weeks.

  4. Have a nice Europe trip Nick.. Looking forward to see U again in the chatroom.. keep up with all the good work.. Appreciate it :)

  5. Good for you buddy! If your in Greece in the summer, we’ll party! :P

    btw did anyone win that 1 month of coaching from the vid contest?

  6. Hi Nick,

    Hope you are enjoying your stay among us so far. If still here in Europe, let me know when you are in Brussels, our capital but more importantly the world capital of beer.
    Do you prefer blonde or brune?