Good Health as a Forex Trader

As Forex traders, our biggest assets are our minds and bodies. If we get sick, or we cannot concentrate, we can’t take good trades. In other words, we do not make money.

Unfortunately, Forex doesn’t really require any heavy lifting, or exertion. So, when it comes to keeping our body and minds fit we need to work at it. I know from personal experience, if I do not push myself to do exercise during the day, I can end up spending up to 8 hours sitting in front of my computer.

Trading Forex is a sedentary job. And research shows, that sedentary jobs put you at risk of heart disease, diabetes and obesity. Scary right?

What is a Forex trader to do? Well, as traders we are pretty good at making plans such as money management plans and trading plans, for example. In addition to those plans, I believe a good trader needs to have a fitness plan. So I thought I would share mine. This is more of an entire morning routine than a fitness plan.

8:00am: Wake up and do some quick stretching.
8:15am: Open up my charts and set any trading alarms I will need for the day.
8:30am: Exercise time

  • Do 20 min of high intensity cardio.
  • Do weights 15 reps 3 sets.

9:15am: Shower.
9:30am: Eat breakfast.
9:40am:Sit at the computer and start working.

Throughout the day: Take breaks at least once an hour.

  • Stand up and walk around.
  • Look away from the screen. (To prevent eye strain)
  • Stretch hands. (To help prevent against RSI and carpal tunnel)

As you can see it is fairly simple. However, it is extremely important to set your alarm to ensure you don’t miss any trades. Always try to schedule breaks in every hour, allowing your eyes a rest from staring at the screen and also gives your hands a break to help prevent RSI.

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13 thoughts on “Good Health as a Forex Trader
  1. Good post Nick,
    don’t want to end up dying before we get a chance to spend that hard fought cash. Been trying to take long walks ( 3-4 miles for me) during the days but I guess I really need to try harder to fit this into some kind of daily regimen.

  2. Nice reminder Nick, regarding working at a PC Screen, we tend to get “bog eyed”. Simple thing to keep your eyes moist, make yourself blink because while we are at our screens we somehow stop blinking and thats what lubricates the eyes.

    Mind you I would love to wake up at 8am must try that sounds good, an extra 2-hours sleep.

    How is your health? everything back to normal I hope.

    Agree with DSO good brisk walks are great for vitality, no matter what the weather is like. I dont have a dog, so I walk me instead, however no cocking legs against trees or bushes and definately no poop scoops.

    Good health to all

  3. hi my man
    totally agree that health in body leads to health in mind which is trading is all about.
    is 8am start gmt inc daylight or somewhere else?
    i find getting up in the morn so hard at the mo and i miss some good moves!!

  4. Very true Nick. I am starting to implement a Pomodoro Technique when spending the entire day in front of the screen trading, simply to remind myself to take a couple of minutes off, every now and then. So far I am really pleased with it. Making it a lot easier to focus when in pomodoro..

  5. Yes it’s very important I think. I work a sedentary job (although not trading, yet ;)), I don’t have a morning routine, but I run every other day.

    I went six months without much exercise a while ago, and it was not good – I was generally more irritable and tired.

    Exercise is important for a healthy mind also, not just body.

  6. Nice post Nick. Having been diagnosed with diabetes last year it was crucial for me to reexamine my lifestyle and pay close attention to a healthy diet and refocusing on exercise. Not only do I feel better, but you guessed it, my trading has improved tremendously. As in all aspects of life, balance is key and I think this is especially important to success as a trader. Nick I would also like to thank you, Fetor and Furious for all you have done here. I do spend the time here that I did two years ago when I stated Forex , but this was my first stop after BabyPips and believe the foundation I learned here to be the basis of my success in my journey to becoming a full time trader. Keep up the great work.

  7. If you really want to save your spine you will get up every 30 minutes even if its for a moment. The research shows that compression of over 30 minute deforms the passive tissues in the spine and results in added pressure on the disc. Now not always in life will you have this freedom (i.e. plane, car, ect). However, when you are at your desk you are accountable. You may not care now but trust me, when you hit 40 you might have a different outlook.

  8. Very good advice Nick.True success in life has to have a balance of mental,spiritual,physical,and financial health.None of the Trading sites has ever really touched the subject of good health along with our trading lifestyle.I do martial arts and breaking to keep active and keep the heart running like a champ.Proper nutrition as well.Keep up the good work Nick,I wish everyone here at the forex4noobs community success in every area of our lives.