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trader enjoys the free Forex course

It was a huge undertaking but the free Forex course is finally completed.

I always felt there was a lot of information out there about Forex but nothing that really brought it all together, in one place, and explained things in a logical manner. Hopefully, I have managed to do this while stressing the importance of planning your trades.

When I first started making the videos for this course, I had no idea that so many people would want to watch them. I am amazed at the thousands of people who have signed up, to watch the course, and apologize if some of you had to wait to view it, as my servers couldn’t handle the demand.

I realise that only those on the early bird list have had access to the course so far. And, in a way, it looks like it was a good idea to limit the access, as I think my server’s would have been down permanently otherwise. However, I have now made the necessary steps to open the course to everyone.

The course is free all you have to do to get access is sign up here. Grab the Free Forex Course! It only takes a second to get valuable material you will struggle to get anywhere else, and who knows at what cost.

The aim of the Plan, Implement and Make Pips video course is for you to learn everything you need, to get you on the right track, to becoming a professional trader.

Since there has been such high demand for these videos, and since I enjoyed making them for you. I have decided to make another video. But this time, I have decided that you should let me know what you would like to see, in the next video.

If you look below you will notice a poll. The poll gives you the option to choose from 3 different subjects. All you have to do is select which subject you want me to talk about in my next video. The most popular choice will be selected of course. So if you want it to be your topic then better get voting!!

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2 thoughts on “Grab the Free Forex Video Course Today!
  1. Thanks for the hardwork and the great material Nick. I don’t know what I’d like to see next in this course, but it would be great to see a retrurn to the weekly analysis and more live trade videos. For me the weekly analysis was a great way to check my chart analysis and views compared to you, and fetor. It would be great to see more from him. I know it takes time and many times you have to take crap from idiots who just want to argue about your views, but ther are many out here who really learn from what you two post. Thanks