Grill Me on Reversal Trading

Sorry, this webinar is over four years old and I no longer have the recording. You can check out my latest webinar recordings here though.

Have you ever wanted to grill a full time trader on their method? Well, if you join me this Wednesday in my webibar, you can!

The problem with webinars is I couldn’t possibly answer or cover everything in a single webinar. So, after the hugely popular reversal trading webinar, I have been bombarded with questions about reversal trading. Instead of answering each question individually and answering the same questions over and over I will be holding a live Q&A session. A Q&A session allows me to cover anything I missed and it give you the opportunity to better understand my method.

How Will it Work?

Just like a regular webinar you simply join the link removed at the assigned time. Once in the chat room you can grill me live on reversal trading. There will be limited seats available so be early!

What will be the exact time?

The Q&A session will be held on Wednesday the 25th of May at 11pm GMT (6pm US EST).

How will you be notified?

I will be sending out a remainder email 3 hours prior to the webinar.

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8 thoughts on “Grill Me on Reversal Trading
  1. Sounds super Nick! Will you be recording it for those of us that can’t get in the room or have other time constraints???

    1. Man do I feel stupid, I didn’t even see the date on the post, it just happens to be a Wednesday today as well. Sorry about that

  2. You say that you aim for 400-500 pips profits each month. This profit objective can be achieved easily with just one trade that has a stop-loss of 100 pips in pairs with large daily range and a profit target of 5 times the risk or a trade that has a stop loss of 50 pips and a target 8 times larger (which happen often in swing trade). Keeping your dollar risk per trade similar each time, you won’t be making much money with such trading plan. Like if I risk $100 each time, I will be making just $500 per month and a few series of losses will wipe out most of my profits. Do you keep your dollar risk per trade equal?