How To Trade Range Breaks – This Weeks GBP/JPY Trade

Hi Guys,

At this time of year through to the end of January the market changes. Movement tends to die down and you start to see a lot of ranges forming.

This is the time to start looking at different types of trading. Things like range breaks and candle patterns really come into their own in this kind of market. So I thought I would reintroduce a little known and little discussed part of my method. To be honest I stopped taking these trades myself as GBP/JPY hasn’t ranged too much in the past two years. However, Christmas is range break season and with the new free NickB method e-Book FINALLY complete (It is being proof read and then edited. It will be released late next week) it’s time for a range break video.

In the new free e-Book I discuss range breaks in detail. So lets call this video a primer on range breaks, enjoy:

This video was shot in 800×600 resolution as I wanted to get a big portion of the charts in the vid. The quality is horrible on the blog because it’s squashed. To view it at full resolution please download it to your desktop via the link below the video box:

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7 thoughts on “How To Trade Range Breaks – This Weeks GBP/JPY Trade
  1. Great video. I spotted it too. Unfortunately I had to step away from amy computer and I set my stop too close and got stopped out with a small loss. What would have been a good stop on this one? At least I know I’m on the right track. Thanks.

  2. Thanks very much for this. On your bad trade (that would have come good), if the 140.24 line that got broken was particularly memorable to the market, wasn’t it almost inevitable that there would have been some sort of reaction from the bulls?

  3. Nick I just finished the video….fantastic analysis…My trades have skyrocketed since becoming involved with this web sight…..keep up the great work…You have no Idea how many people you are helping….You are the best Bro….Thank you

  4. Hi Nick,

    Steve Nison said in his “Profiting in Forex” seminar that he loved to trade box ranges because of the clean cut resistance.

    An example that he showed was when a doji emerged at the top of a trading range after a bullish trend.

    Your thoughts on this? Or is it part of your new Ebook?