Learn Forex Trading – 3 Simple Steps to Identifying Support and Resistance

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What is the most effective form of support and resistance in Forex?

Pivot points? No, pivot points are useless in Forex.

Fibonacci? Fibonacci is ok, but it has a very limited scope.

Trend lines? Trend lines work, but their effectiveness varies in different market conditions.

In Forex, horizontal support and resistance (support and resistance areas) is by far the most effective form of support and resistance.

Generally speaking, when you start to learn Forex trading, you aren’t taught about support and resistance areas.


Because other forms of support and resistance are much easier to learn. Pivot points and Fibonacci are just indicators. Trend lines are straight forward to identify and place.

… You actually need to put in some effort to identify good support and resistance. You also need to update them regularly.

So how do you identify and place support and resistance areas?

There’s no secret trick or gimmick. Instead, there are 3 simple steps that guarantee perfect support and resistance areas…

… I reveal them all in this webinar.

I held this marathon two hour webinar live for hundreds of people. It is long but it is worth the watch.

How I Place Support and Resistance Areas on Any Chart with 3 Simple Steps


When you’re done watching the webinar, I’ve got a question for you…

Do you already use support and resistance areas? How well do they work for you?

Share your tips and tricks for support and resistance areas below.