Live Forex Trade Video +40 Pips on GBP/JPY

Hey Guys,

Even though I do not start full time trading for 2011 until next week I gave into temptation and took a GBP/JPY reversal trade. It was a flawless trade and it resulted in a +40 pip gain. I could have made more pips but since the exit happened at 1am in the morning I closed out and went to bed.

Check out the video below. Along with the live trade I also explain some important aspects of trading Forex. It is definitely worth a watch.

If you enjoy the video please visit it here on YouTube to leave a comment and give it the thumbs up. It will only take you a minute and I would really appreciate it. Thanks guys!

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6 thoughts on “Live Forex Trade Video +40 Pips on GBP/JPY
  1. Excellent video, Nick. Thanks,..I’m learning, learning, learning, and my rules list is getting long, but it’s all a matter of repetition until it’s an automatic behaviour.
    Many thanks!

  2. Once again, Nick, great instruction and video. One question remains for me though. You mention that you don’t like to be taken out of the market automatically and that is one reason why you closed the trade and went to get some sleep rather than setting a stop and only closing half the position. So, why the dislike? I know you will have your reasons and I feel that they may be important to know if I am to become a Ninja in the least time possible. Thanks, Nick.

  3. @ noob4ever: He mentioned the reason why. He couldn’t monitor, was satisfied with the result, the trading session was not during london, & he was tired.

    In other words, he reduced his risk & locked in profits.