Live Forex Trade Video +50 Pips on EUR/USD

Hey Guys,

This live trade video is a little different. Originally I planned to go short on EUR/USD and was waiting for a break of the 1.3000 level. However, the Bulls decided to take control of the market so I ended up entering a reversal. The trade lasted for over 12 hours, I opened it at 3:00 and closed at around 17:00 on my phone. As the trade was closed via my phone I did not record the end of the trade. I did add a part to the end explaining how the trade worked out.

Check out the video below.

This trade was opened at roughly 3:00 on Monday 09/APR/2012
[vid link=”″ width=”700px” height=”394px”]

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11 thoughts on “Live Forex Trade Video +50 Pips on EUR/USD
  1. Thank you Nick. I enjoyed the Video.Loved the explanation. The reasoning why you narrowed to a 1hr chat was awesome. Thank you for sharing and not being selfish. I can comfortably say that I have become a better price action trader due to your materials.  I had +pips today too. Using your methods of course. Cheers!

  2. I was in a short under 1.3160 and ended up closing my position after that shift was made this morning as a result of poor US news.  I took a long off of the 3155 area and got out just shy of 3200 which made up for my loss and got me to break even on the two trades.  I was holding for that 1.3000, but just wasn’t meant to be.  Good trade though.

  3. I’m still finding it difficult to recognise where to enter but acknowledge that I must be at my computer more during the northern day. I am GMT+11. I admire your courage and if I had been in that trade I would have pulled out far earlier than you did. Thanks for your excellent explanation of your price action.

  4. Great video Nick. I watched it 5 times already. Your thought process breaking down price action is super helpful.

  5. Nick, Fetor is not posting anymore.Now we are counting on you…!A million thanks for your kindness in guiding us.

  6. Very educative video – it compliments your course perfectly. I’ve recently read the modules on using support and resistance to analyse whether to stay in ro get out of a position.  Your reason for staying in here when the trade dipped down to the entry point is a great example of using the support line to take emotion out of a decision.

    1. Thanks Julie, glad you found the video useful.

      Sounds like you are near the end of the course, congrats, hope you enjoyed the course videos!