Live Forex Trade Video – USDCHF 1hr Short

In this video I took a 1hr short trade on USDCHF.

1hr chart trading is part of a new price action strategy I have been developing for the last 18 months. This is not the same as my normal reversal and continuation trading on larger time frames.

In this video I enter a trade and update as the trade progresses. I blur out some person information in this video as I do not want to share account details with tens of thousands of people.

When I shoot a live trade video I post it no matter what the result of the trade. In this case the trade was a winner but if it was a loser I would share the video anyway. If you look back at my live trade videos on my YouTube channel you will see I share winners, losers, break even trades and even trades I mess up because of bad management or bad luck.

Yep, even professional trades screw up sometimes.

Enjoy the video and if you have any questions about this trade setup share them below!

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10 thoughts on “Live Forex Trade Video – USDCHF 1hr Short
  1. If you such a guru…then you should know trading forex in August is a disaster no matter trading system you use..its useless in August Mr Nick!!

    1. Right, well if there is one thing I have learned after 15 years in this industry it’s that there are a huge variety of strategies and approaches that work.

      For me trading in August is fine but I usually take December off because I find it to be a slow month. Perhaps for you August is horrible but December is great. Regardless I have shared a lot of profitable trades on my YouTube channel in August. So this month is working out well for me :)

  2. Hi Nick
    Thanks for the video. It was useful to listen to your thought processes as the trade progressed. I wonder if you could also let us know why you thought it was a good trade to take in the first place?

  3. no se ingles, me interesaria saber si es posible seguir sus cursos con el traductor de google o si sabes de otra tecnología. Le agradezco todo lo que hace por el trader amateur. Un saludo