Live Price Action Trade – NZD/USD Long 1:2 RR +87 pips

Do you want to trade Forex without indicators? Well, I’ll show you exactly how to do that! In this live price action trade video I enter a long reversal trade on the NZD/USD daily chart.

The great thing about trading daily charts is that they are low maintenance. This trade took me less than two hours to enter, manage, and exit successfully. While the trade was open for several days, I did not need to check in on it constantly. I checked it a few times on the Friday when I entered, and then a few times on Sunday and Monday at market open.

No indicators, no fuss, pure price action trading!

The trade was a NZD/USD Long with a 1:2 risk to reward ratio and a pip gain of 87. Enjoy the video and feel free to ask any questions below.

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15 thoughts on “Live Price Action Trade – NZD/USD Long 1:2 RR +87 pips
  1. Nice trade Nick. Not like you to take a trade over a weekend? As a potential Forex Masterminder I’ve been missing your midday analysis, thought you had gone AWOL. Did anything ever happen with the proposed live training session that was mentioned for 19th November? I didn’t see any follow-up email for registration.


  2. Thanks Nick.

    The great thing about trading is I am continuely learning and you have such a good way of explaining things.

    Kind Regards


  3. Hello Sir,

    I’m a new trader in FX market, actually I’m studing with your platform. I’m using can I tell me how to get charting platform.

  4. Hi Nick,
    During your analysis when you find a good potential trade you nearly always conclude by saying that you need to apply your further entry Analysis before actually entering , what I am asking is can you share that extra process that you go through with us . I understand if that’s reserved for your paying students but just thought I’d ask.
    Many thanks Nick.

  5. Love the way you trade! explain things so simply! I’ve been trading well learning for a year now.. is there any way I can come on board with you and learn?