Live Trade Video +80 Pips GBP/USD 8hr

GBP/USD Trade – Price Action Based Long Reversal

Wow, this trade moved fast…

…I entered bullish trade based on a strong Price Action setup. The trade had a high chance of success. I was expecting to hold it for a few hours.

However, some bullish GBP news came out, and this trade hit its first target in under an hour.

In the live trade video below I walk you through this trade and show you how I traded it. I also explain how I use Price Action to confirm a reversal before entering it.

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8 thoughts on “Live Trade Video +80 Pips GBP/USD 8hr
  1. Hi Nick I took I believe (if the date is the 3rd) the same trade but I was looking at a daily chart and I was wondering why when the trade hit your first target you take out some of your position because as you said you dont know if it was gona get through the next resistance.

    Why not move your stop loss up so you have guaranteed that you have made profit and then let the trade continue to see if it will go higher? I know non farm payroll is tomorrow so that will be an issue but say for example that wasn’t happening would this be another way of managing this trade? I have moved my stop loss up and now locked in 76 pips and am now going to let it carry on to see if it goes higher , is there an advantage or reason why you take out profits instead of just moving stop loss higher? Just like some more insight if possible. Any way thanks for the video and I will be at the seminar tonight all going well.

    Oh and was there a winner of the mentoring comp? I am a member here but i cant seem to post this comment without signing in as a guest?

    1. I do not consider the services PMI significant enough to stay out of a trade for. This time it did move the market, but the majority of times it doesn’t. If I stayed out of trades for every red report on FF I would miss a lot of trades.