Succesful Master Candle Trade (24 Sep 2010)

Hey guys,

I was away Friday so I didn’t get a chance to post this until now but did anybody catch the two great MC trades I posted about in the analysis on Thursday? I caught the GBP/JPY 1hr trade as it formed a scouting party. It was an awesome trade!

I missed the USD/JPY set-up as I was looking out for a scouting party and it didn’t form.

mc candle trade

How did you do on these trades? Leave a comment and let me know.

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3 thoughts on “Succesful Master Candle Trade (24 Sep 2010)
  1. HI Nick.

    Why are you bothering to post stats from

    Surely you know about which is attached to your live account and thus cannot be falsified. is the way to get rid of those annoying time wasters in the forex world.

  2. Yes I know about and they do not support my broker GFT so I cannot use them to track my stats.

    Furthermore I value my privacy and Curensee just wants to much information. They want your full name, phone number and other information. I really do not see why they need my phone number have they never heard of privacy?

    Anyway it is a moot point since they are not compatible with my broker.