How to Master Forex in 2017 in Five Steps (Live Webinar recording)

In this live webinar I give you a five step plan so that you can become a profitable trader in 2017. Getting started in the right place, with the right tools, and the right mindset will help to make 2017 a profitable trading year. See exactly how to do that in this webinar!

Do you want to become a profitable trader in 2017?

To be a great trader needs a lot of skills, you need to be cool under pressure, you need to be able to read charts quickly, you need to be able to manage your time, you need to assess risk, you need to understand correlations…

…And these are just a few of the many skills you need.

So where do you start? How do you learn all these skills? Well in this webinar I show you a step by step plan for you to master Forex in 2017. All of the skills you need to be a great trader fall under three core skills of trading.

  1. Being able to implement and use a profitable trading strategy, so you can take high probability trades.
  2. Mastering your trading psychology, so you can trade with confidence, and make smart decisions quickly.
  3. Using advanced risk management techniques, so you never risk too much on a trade, and you maximise your profits on winners.

Do you want to master these three core skills? Well this is how you do it…

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7 thoughts on “How to Master Forex in 2017 in Five Steps (Live Webinar recording)
  1. Hi Nick,
    During your analysis when you find a good potential trade you nearly always conclude by saying that you need to apply your further entry Analysis before actually entering , what I am asking is can you share that extra process that you go through with us . I understand if that’s reserved for your paying students but just thought I’d ask.
    Many thanks Nick.

  2. Happy New Year Nick. Hope you had a good festive season.

    Back to business in 2017 and some thoughts going forwards.

    Is there any chance you can post a quick message on your blog or on Twitter when you WON’T be doing the 3 times weekly midday analysis? For many of us considering joining Forex Mastermind, your midday (or whatever time) analysis is our best gauge of what it’s all about and how beneficial it could be for us, so it’s handy to know if for any reason you’re not doing them for a period of time. I appreciate you likely inform your existing students via the forum and you explained your December absence in the last webinar, but would be great if you could give us potential Forex Masterminders a heads-up in advance?

    Please take this as constructive criticism. I really appreciate all the free material and analysis you provide. I’m really keen to learn and graduate to the paid forum but it’s difficult to take that leap without being able to sit through a decent run of midday analyses and doesn’t help when we don’t know if they’re still going or not. Obviously it’s your shout given you’re doing free of charge, but it might help all round if there was a bit more communication with non-forumites, other than the Forex Mastermind opening/closing emails.

    Any thoughts on that?

    Regards and all the best for trading in 2017


  3. Hello sir, thank you so much for making this webinar. And I am so glad that I found you before I completely wiped my ass. Thank you so much sir.

  4. Have been following ur free webinars Tue-Thur very often, being several hrs difference, PA moves a bit, adding more caution to my trades. This weekend web. giving me more knowledge & confidence so may go Live.
    Thanks Nick for all ur sharing w/ us. GOD Bless. Agree w/ Jeff & Norman.