Midday Forex price action Analysis – 2017-01-17 (Potential Setup on EUR/AUD)

We have a potential long set up today on EUR/AUD, price has been stalling on the 1.4150 support area for a few days now. With May’s speech now out of the way, we might seem some volatility returning to the Euro, creating a reversal on this pair.

NZD/USD is not showing a clearly defined set up at the moment. However, the pair is headed into the 0.7220 resistance area from which we may see indecision followed by a reversal.

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6 thoughts on “Midday Forex price action Analysis – 2017-01-17 (Potential Setup on EUR/AUD)
  1. Yes, Happy w/ “That”, thanks Nick for ur time & patience. Luv UR telling of news features, really helps.
    I am a “Deplorable” learning trader, Trump is a business man, Not a Politician! Notice stock market?

    Eager to acquire $$$, 2017 goal….become a FX Mastermind Member!!! Thanks for all you do to help us.