My Forex Trading Stats (Wk Strt February/13/2011)

Since last year I have been trying to keep an online trading diary on meetpips. Unfortunately, I forgot to track my stats for the first two weeks of February, so I only started tracking again last week.

If you look at my previous post on the changes in Forex average daily ranges you will see I have made some long term changes to my trading strategy. I have put break out trading on the back burner and now trade mainly reversals.

The problem with trading price action reversals is that it limits me from posting quick analysis on my blog. This is because reversal trades often form and trigger in under 3-5 hours, whereas you can see breakout trades form days before they trigger. For this reason my blog is no longer the best way to share potential trades. I will explore other solutions in coming weeks.

Below are this weeks trade stats. I caught four trades, three winners, one loser and made around +99 pips. My first trade was a +43 pips on a GBP/USD reversal on Monday morning. That was a pretty good way to start off the week!

my forex stats for 2011-02-13

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3 thoughts on “My Forex Trading Stats (Wk Strt February/13/2011)
  1. Hey, very nice wish you would explain a little about the discipline graph and how you generate it.
    Thanks for your work.