Free NickB Method Q&A Video

Hey Guys,

I had a horrible Christmas, I somehow caught the flu (no not swine flu) and have been in bed most of the time. Sorry I haven’t been able to get this video up sooner guys. So here is a belated Merry Christmas and in case I am still sick in a few days Happy New Year. Anyway, back on point, here is a cool new Q&A video. In this video I answer several questions relating to my method in detail.

[vid link=”” width=”640px” height=”480px” clip=”autoPlay: false, “]

Let me know if you like it by leaving a comment below. Also let me know if you have any other questions I can answer in the next video.

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17 thoughts on “Free NickB Method Q&A Video
  1. Very clearly done Nick, as always.  Get well soon.  Looking forward to your new Trend Scalper E-book.Thanks for everything! 

  2. Get well soon. This video IS FIRST RATE. Maybe like Keats you get inspired by disease. Thanks for a job  well done.

  3. That was a very useful & thoughtful job.  I appreciate all you are doing for a newbie like me & so many others.  I am a GFT guy also.  Stay well & Happy New Year.

  4. Hey Nicky,It is not so bad to fall sick once in a while. All healthy and no sickness makes man a robot.Get well as soon as possible though. We all need you right here.Kingsley O.

  5. Top Notch Nick..this is one of my favorite vids you have! I loved how you showed your entries, alarm sets etc. You showed some great examples using real live candles which are much more useful to learn from than looking at the “perfect” candlesticks you see in your e-books. But knowing you need to show “perfect” candles as well to make your point clear. Great questions asked and great thorough explanation.You must be feeling better now, because while you were sick and in a mental haze, you stated in your last message in the blog, that you were going to charge for this video!

  6. ..I wanted to ask again though if I could. Do scalp lines on other pairs have any relevance to the particular pair one might be trading? For example, if I am trading G/J should I also be aware of scalp lines that may be on other pairs charts? Thanks

  7. Hi Nick! Hope you are feeling better. Awesome Vid. Everything explained well, just wondering though, is there a specific time period after a major holiday like Christmas, that you would wait to start trading again. Like one week into the new year, to allow some constancy back into the market, or would you enter based on price action and other analysis?

  8. Hi Nick!!! Thank you and greatly appreciate for sharing your experience and knowledge.Wishing and hope you feel better and get enough rest.Wishing you a belated Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year 2010.

  9. I receive your e-mail, telling me of the flu. I want to wish you get ell soon, and in the mean time Merry Christmas and a lot of money the next year,yours truly,Jose

  10. Hi Nick,   Loved the Q & A video.  Thanks for all your work on our behalf.  Don’t forget to look after yourself.   Cheers.   Mary.  

  11. Thank you for another good educational asset. As a newbie I see a progress in the way you present the material that I find helpful. I sometimes have to have the information sort of cut out in carboard!So when you talk about a line – show me the line and tell me the exact color. When you talk about a range – show me the range etc.From the beginning you have been good at that but there will allways be details that for some, ie me, just gives that extra help in following your mindset. And these details I see in the video you have, perhaps subconsiously(?), enhanced.For a year now I´ve been loosely digging into your e-books and methods. The last 2 months the attention have intensified.But being very confident now to open an demo-account in respect of the handwerk, the NickB Method, I do feel disorientated in understanding the choice of leverage (100, 200, 400:1) and lots choice (10,000/100,000). So if you find it as a subject for the above video I´ll appreciate it a lot(s) ;0)As a side story. Again, as a noob I find it most comfortable to follow your strategy which also means your Broker (GFT), trading sessions (UK/EU market) etc. This enables me to more efficiently participate in, and/or understand the Forum threads, videos etc.Today I got a return message from They will not allow me to have leverage due to my unexperience but I may still open an account. (By opening an account I get fulltime demo-account acces. It stops after 30 days else. And since I´m going to trade someday anyway I might as well open an account now).I know you trade with a 100:1 but since this side of trading is uncertain to me as the discussions/educational material – as I see it – mostly tend to the practical (technical side) of trading I feel a little lost here.So perhaps these questions can be dealt with in the video?1)Can you cut it out in carboard :-) the “settings” for a noob when opening an account?2)Also, since I´m now excluded the opportunity to work with leverage (100:1) is it possible to trade and actually make a profit? My start amount is small. App. 400USD.I know these questions may seem “childish” but hey, that is probably due to my noob status so hope you can bear with me.Thanks for listening and the work you do. Best of wishes to you and your health!PatrickDK

  12. Hey Nick get well soon, we need you have a great new yr, the video was first class as allways best regards to all Judd.