No analysis this week

I have been working 7 days a week since Christmas on this site and I have finally decided to take some time off. We he a long weekend here in Sydney so I am going to enjoy my long weekend. Last week was kind of the same thing, I had a very busy start to my week then I decided to take the rest of the week off. Everybody deserves a few weeks off each year and I am my own boss so I gave myself the week off. The analysis will resume next Sunday but it will be a little different, I will be adding another pair to the analysis permanently. Which pair? I am not telling yet but it is one of the more commonly traded pairs. I am doing this because I personally want to have a backup pair for when GBP/JPY starts acting up.

Also next week I will be releasing the updated version of my free e-Book. If I look at my trading method 2 year ago and compare it to my method today there are a lot of differences. Today it is much more refined and efficient. I realize that free e-Book was written about a year ago and since then my method has changed slightly. There are no drastic changes just small but important details. This is why I have decided to rewrite the entire book. I started it yesterday and I should be finished with it by next week.

I learned something last week, I didn’t realize how many people relied on my analysis. I got a whole lot of emails and private messages all week from people asking why there was no weekly analysis. It pisses me off that people trade my method without understanding it. If I do not do the analysis one week you should be ready to do it yourself. Actually you should do the analysis yourself every week and then just confirm its right by comparing it with mine. You should never blindly follow anybody in Forex. The analysis I do is a learning tool and it should be used as such. If you ever want to be truly succesful you have to learn how to trade not just follow me. So read the posts in the forum, drop in to the chatroom and read my new free e-Book next week.

Anyway that all for now cya all next week.

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11 thoughts on “No analysis this week
  1. enjoy the well deserved time off. I agree with you about not following you blindly. i have been placing my own lines and compare them to your levels. i want to learn to fish, not be fed.

    i look forward to your updated ebook. thanks for all you do. and you are such a tease, not telling us what pair you’re adding. i think it’s the eurjpy but i guess i’ll have to wait a week!

  2. Kathy:

    I belive the right thing to do for us is to compare our setups for the next week and discuss it on the forum. What do you all think about this idea? We should see which are the right line and use them the following week. On the long side I see the 209.34 as a nornal trade(70 pips, leaving the second half to break even) and on the short side the 203.96 as a sclp trade (50 pips, but I think it should have a second half left open in case in breaks the strong support area arround 203.50).
    Any thoughts about this?

    Have a nice day!

  3. hi Mike

    agree completely. what do you think of having a new thread every week instead of the continuing one on the gj? we could have a separate section on the gj and within that there are the weekly threads. what would be cool is new people could go back and watch past blogs from nick and then the corresponding thread for that week of how things shaped up.

    just a thought.

    agree on your levels too. i’m a little iffy on having back to back support levels less than 50 pips apart. this can be discussed further in the thread

  4. I admit that most of the time I just trust Nick’s analysis and blindly follow. Why? Because I make money when I listen to him and lose money when I try to do it myself. On the other hand, I agree that we noobs should pull together on the posts and chatroom and see If we can accurately find S&R areas like Nick does. If I had his success, I would be on vacation 3 months out of the year. So lets give him his well deserved break w/ no complaints. See you guys in the chatroom.

  5. hi Kathy,

    I’ll be there in the chatroom ar the start of the European session. We can discuss about Gbp/jpy or any other pair do you want since I am trading 18 pairs right now so I can express my opinion on the pairs I trade.

    Good luck!

  6. Hey Nick, hope you enjoy your much needed time off and i look forward to reading the updated ebook, thank you again for all of your time and knowledge.

  7. You have been working very hard and wishing you a funtastic vacation.
    Your kindness and generousity sharing your knowledge to help us make a succesful trade is greatly appreciated.
    Thanks for letting us know regarding the updated version of your e-book.
    Take care!!!