Midday Forex price action Analysis – 2016-09-06 (Potential setups on AUD/USD and USD/CAD)

UPDATE 1: Well the “ISM Non-Manufacturing PMI” numbers that just got released were unexpected. Obviously the potential trades mentioned in this analysis are cancelled without being triggered. However, this new move may have given us some new opportunities. Keep an eye out here for updates.

In today’s analysis I spot two potential setups, a AUD/USD 6/8 hr short, and a USD/CAD daily chart long.

I also discuss trading through news releases, and how I might handle NFP next month. Continue Reading  »

Midday Forex price action analysis – 2016-09-01 (Potential setups on USD/CAD)

UPDATE: The EUR/USD long was triggered due to the ISM Manufacturing PMI’s surprise fall below 50. I do not think anyone saw that coming. Since the entry was triggered by a news based spike, and these spikes tend to retrace quickly, I am closing this trade early.

In today’s analysis I spot one potential trade, a USD/CAD daily chart short. Continue Reading  »

Midday Forex price action analysis – 2016-08-25 (Potential GBP/AUD and NZD/CAD short)

UPDATE: Closing out EUR/USD and GBP/AUD both with small but insignificant gains. Price has been annoying this week, I saw no PUSH from buyers or sellers, I only saw small movements up and down. While I am happy I ended the week with a little profit, I am unhappy with this weeks moves.

And also, closing out my trades means I can get my weekend started, get a few beers, sit in my garden, put on the barbecue, Continue Reading  »

Midday Forex price action analysis – 2016-08-24 (Potential setup on EUR/USD)

In today’s analysis I only spot one potential setup, a EUR/USD long which is a long time away from forming, and an even longer time away from triggering. So all in all it is a pretty slow day today…

…But I do not like to put out boring videos, so today’s analysis session turned into a chat about price action techniques, especially for managing open trades. So you should find this video interesting and informative. Continue Reading  »

Midday Forex price action analysis – 2016-08-17 (Setups on AUD/USD, EUR/USD, USD/CHF, and EUR/AUD)

In today’s analysis I spot four potential trade setups on AUD/USD, EUR/USD, USD/CHF, and EUR/AUD.

The AUD/USD long setup looks particularly good. I may take this long on the 6hr, however, it is also looking good on the 12hr, I will wait and see how this one plays out before making a decision. The EUR/USD setup also looks good, even with the larger upper wick of the preceding candle.

The USD/CHF long setup is not the best looking reversal setup, Continue Reading  »

Midday Forex price action analysis – 2016-08-16

In today’s analysis I spot three potential trade setups, one on AUD/NZD, one on NZD/USD, and another on EUR/GBP. But, there is some good news and some bad news about these setups.

The bad news
Right after the analysis, the USD CPI news was released, causing a spike down on AUD/NZD and NZD/USD. This means the AUD/NZD and NZD/USD setups are not as strong as they looked earlier, however, they still have potential.

The good news
When I first looked at GBP/JPY in the analysis it did not look that great. Continue Reading  »

Midday Forex price action analysis – 2016-08-10

I just got back from holiday yesterday, and it looks like I missed a lot of awesome trades. Ah well, the holiday was great at least!

Since I am back, I am starting the daily analysis again. But it looks like today is a bit of a slow day…

…But I don’t like putting up boring videos, so in today’s analysis video I show you a break down some recent trades, and explain why they were strong setups. Continue Reading  »

Midday Forex price action analysis – 2016-07-28

Today’s live analysis is a little boring, there were a lot of trades spotted, but sadly they all triggered a few hours ago. If I had of done the analysis six hours ago, it would have been more interesting…

… Ah well, that is trading, you do not always get the setups when you want them.

In the analysis video I discuss yesterdays USD/CHF trade, and we also do some live trade analysis on a Forex Mastermind members open trade. Continue Reading  »

Midday Forex price action analysis – 2016-07-27

In today’s analysis I spot a potential USD/CHF short trade. The potential setup is a long way from completion, and it might not even turn into an actual trade. Other than that, there is not much forming right now. However, it is only midday, I will be checking my charts again in 4 hours to see if anything new has formed. For now, check out the USD/CHF setup in the video, and also a breakdown of yesterdays successful USD/JPY trade. Continue Reading  »

Midday Forex price action analysis – 2016-07-26

In today’s analysis I spot a potential USD/JPY long trade, with an entry around the 104.53 area. I was hoping for a few more setups, but it seems to be a quiet Tuesday.

Save your seat for my upcoming live training session
On Saturday the 30th of July at 4:00pm UK time I will be holding a live training session. In this session I will be teaching you my advanced support and resistance techniques. How to find them, Continue Reading  »

Daily Forex price action analysis – 2016-07-20

I am going to make this post quick as I have a busy day ahead. In today’s analysis I spot two potential daily/12 hour chart setups, one on EUR/USD, and the other on NZD/USD. Both of these setups are potential longs forming on strong support. Keep in mind that these candles have over 10 hours until they close, so by the time they close, these setups may not exist anymore. A potential setup does not equal an actual trade. Continue Reading  »

Daily Forex price action analysis – 2016-07-14

Today looks like another exciting day for price action trading. We have four setups forming on USD/CAD, AUD/JPY, EUR/JPY, and USD/JPY. The USD/CAD one almost triggered during the recording of this analysis, it has pulled back a little now, but this setup could trigger VERY soon, so watch the analysis quickly and check out USD/CAD.

The AUD/JPY short looks to be the best of the JPY pair setups I posted. I will be monitoring the JPY trades very closely over the coming hours. Continue Reading  »

Daily Forex price action analysis – 2016-07-12

UPDATE 2: AUD/USD is forming a very strong short setup on the 6hr chart. This is not a set in stone trade setup, the candle has yet to close, so anything could happen.

UPDATE 1: As sometimes happens, unexpected new out of Japan has had an impact on the JPY and the USD, so three of these setups are canceled before they could trigger. One setup is still looking strong though, and that is AUD/NZD. Continue Reading  »

Brexit Trading Plan + Daily Price action analysis – 2016-06-28

Will I continue trading through Brexit?
The way Brexit has gone will likely continue to impact the Forex market for months. From what David Cameron has said, he has no intention of triggering article 50, and he has passed the burden on to the next prime minister. This means we are unlikely to see a resolution to Brexit for another 3-6 months.

So what should I do? Give up trading for the rest of this year? Continue Reading  »

How to enter trades at the right time – Training session

Do you struggle knowing when to enter a trade?
Well then you already know that finding a great trade setup is not enough. After you find the trade, you need to figure out where to enter. And that can be tough…

…If you enter the trade too early, you might be jumping into a false move. If you enter the trade too late, you miss out on a lot of pips.

Here is an example:
Me and Bob want to enter short on EUR/USD, Continue Reading  »