GBP/JPY 204.70 break trade

Hey guys,

Even if I got the analysis out on time it would have been way too late for this amazing trade. The first candle of the week caused a short break of the 204.70 line and we got a nice 100 pip move from the break.

If you look back to the weekly analysis for week starting 10th of Feb 08 I mentioned I would enter a short on a break of the line. Obviously that trade never happened until now. Continue Reading  »

Forex education: Weekly wrap-up for week starting 24th Feb 2007

Hey guys,

In the video below I go over last weeks trades. We had three great trades last week and made 150+ pips.

GBP/JPY was moving very fast so I raised all my pip targets for the trades. It worked out well and allowed us to take 70 pips on the scalp trade which oddly enough was the best trade of the week. The next trade I target 100 and got it on the 1st half of the position but the second half was close at b/e. Continue Reading  »

Forex education: Trade update for GBP/JPY 212.00 break

Hey guys,

A few hours after I put out yesterdays analysis in which I suggested a trade on the break of 212.00 for GBP/JPY that trade happened. I said in the analysis I would aim for 70 pips then close half and move my stop to break even. That is what I did, I closed the first half at 212.70 and the second at 212.52. In the video below I explain the trade in a little more detail and I also explain the importance of aiming for a target based on the line and not your entry. Continue Reading  »

Forex education: Weekly analysis for week starting 24th Feb 2007

Hey guys,

Here is the GBP/JPY analysis for this week, I am looking at 4 different lines for breaks. Keep in mind that these are not the only trades I would take, many trades form during the week. Trades based on candle patterns and newly formed lines can be very good and I obviously cannot go over them in the analysis because I do not have a crystal ball. This week I am still looking at to 207.00 and the 214.00 but there are also two lines in between 212.00 and 208.77. Continue Reading  »

Forex education: Weekly wrap-up for week starting 17th Feb 2007


Ok we had no trades this week, is that a bad thing? of course not! People seem to their their job as a trader is to be in the market, I think my job as a trader is to be in the market when there is a good trade to be taken. So I do not see weeks like this week as bad I see it as a part of trading and any week with 0 pips loss is a good week in my books. Continue Reading  »

Forex Education: Weekly analysis for week starting 18/02/08

Hey guys,

Weekly analysis is a little late this week and there isn’t much analysis to be done. It has been a boring first day with no movement on GBP/JPY and it could be a boring week. I only see two valid lines at the moment and no scalp lines. Hopefully some trades will form therough candle patterns and new scalp lines throughout the week. Either way we have had a very good few weeks makingĀ  on average well over 100 pips weekly. Continue Reading  »

Forex education: Trade Updates for week starting Feb 10

Hey guys,

Wow what a week, non-stop trades! There have been 5 trades and the week is not over yet. Some of the trades are hard to call and since I wont get back into my full time trading until April I am not 100% sure how they went. From the traders I talk to it seems like a few made profit, a few took a losses but overall most seemed to make profit.

In the video below I go through each of the 5 trades this week, Continue Reading  »

Forex Education: Weekly analysis for week starting 10/02/08

Hey guys,

I had some mic issues today and I could not shoot the weekly analysis at the normal time. I got a new mic eventually and I manged to get it out today. Things have changed a little this week, in my opinion the 207.00 line is not a good line anymore and as I write this I can see that it actually reversedĀ  a little. The analysis I shot was a short time after the initial break and I basically said I was not getting in however that’s not much help now. Continue Reading  »

Forex Education: Weekly wrap-up for week starting 03/02/08

Hey guys,

Based on last weeks weekly analysis we got two great trades worth between 85-150 pips all together. Additionally there was another trade that I could not have foreseen because it was candle pattern based (so I couldn’t mention in the analysis) and it was worth 70+ pips. If you caught that on too you would be up 150-250 pips depending on your entries/exits. All three trades are explained in the video below.

I hope you all had a great trading week! Continue Reading  »

Forex Education: GBP/JPY Trade Update (Break of the 207.00)

Hey guys

If you’ve been following my weekly Forex analysis you would have noticed we had two trades this week. On Monday when I released the analysis video I said I would be looking for a break of the 207.00 line for a short trade. That line ended up being broken, the trade was taken and it was worth about 70 pips. Hope you guys took the trades!

I tallied this weeks two trades up and together they are worth 140 pips! Continue Reading  »

Forex Education: Trade update 6th of Feb 2008

Hey guys

Another great trade on GBP/JPY! If you checked out the weekly analysis at the start of week you would have seen me mention the 208.80 line. I said a good trade would be a scalp based on the break of that line. Well that line was broken and the trade worked out. Check out the vid below for a detailed explanation. Continue Reading  »

Weekly Analysis 28th Jan 08

GBP/JPY weekly analysis for the week starting 27th Jan 08.

I strongly suggest you click ‘play in pop-up’ as playing it on this page my cause the video to look strange. Also if you are having problems with the video try using a different browser first, then try downloading and watching from your desktop, if it still doesn’t work then you can email me! Continue Reading  »