Midday Forex price action analysis – 2016-08-16

In today’s analysis I spot three potential trade setups, one on AUD/NZD, one on NZD/USD, and another on EUR/GBP. But, there is some good news and some bad news about these setups.

The bad news
Right after the analysis, the USD CPI news was released, causing a spike down on AUD/NZD and NZD/USD. This means the AUD/NZD and NZD/USD setups are not as strong as they looked earlier, however, they still have potential.

The good news
When I first looked at GBP/JPY in the analysis it did not look that great. Continue Reading  »

Midday Forex price action analysis – 2016-08-10

I just got back from holiday yesterday, and it looks like I missed a lot of awesome trades. Ah well, the holiday was great at least!

Since I am back, I am starting the daily analysis again. But it looks like today is a bit of a slow day…

…But I don’t like putting up boring videos, so in today’s analysis video I show you a break down some recent trades, and explain why they were strong setups. Continue Reading  »

Midday Forex price action analysis – 2016-07-28

Today’s live analysis is a little boring, there were a lot of trades spotted, but sadly they all triggered a few hours ago. If I had of done the analysis six hours ago, it would have been more interesting…

… Ah well, that is trading, you do not always get the setups when you want them.

In the analysis video I discuss yesterdays USD/CHF trade, and we also do some live trade analysis on a Forex Mastermind members open trade. Continue Reading  »

Midday Forex price action analysis – 2016-07-27

In today’s analysis I spot a potential USD/CHF short trade. The potential setup is a long way from completion, and it might not even turn into an actual trade. Other than that, there is not much forming right now. However, it is only midday, I will be checking my charts again in 4 hours to see if anything new has formed. For now, check out the USD/CHF setup in the video, and also a breakdown of yesterdays successful USD/JPY trade. Continue Reading  »

Midday Forex price action analysis – 2016-07-26

In today’s analysis I spot a potential USD/JPY long trade, with an entry around the 104.53 area. I was hoping for a few more setups, but it seems to be a quiet Tuesday.

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On Saturday the 30th of July at 4:00pm UK time I will be holding a live training session. In this session I will be teaching you my advanced support and resistance techniques. How to find them, Continue Reading  »

Daily Forex price action analysis – 2016-07-20

I am going to make this post quick as I have a busy day ahead. In today’s analysis I spot two potential daily/12 hour chart setups, one on EUR/USD, and the other on NZD/USD. Both of these setups are potential longs forming on strong support. Keep in mind that these candles have over 10 hours until they close, so by the time they close, these setups may not exist anymore. A potential setup does not equal an actual trade. Continue Reading  »

Daily Forex price action analysis – 2016-07-14

Today looks like another exciting day for price action trading. We have four setups forming on USD/CAD, AUD/JPY, EUR/JPY, and USD/JPY. The USD/CAD one almost triggered during the recording of this analysis, it has pulled back a little now, but this setup could trigger VERY soon, so watch the analysis quickly and check out USD/CAD.

The AUD/JPY short looks to be the best of the JPY pair setups I posted. I will be monitoring the JPY trades very closely over the coming hours. Continue Reading  »

Daily Forex price action analysis – 2016-07-12

UPDATE 2: AUD/USD is forming a very strong short setup on the 6hr chart. This is not a set in stone trade setup, the candle has yet to close, so anything could happen.

UPDATE 1: As sometimes happens, unexpected new out of Japan has had an impact on the JPY and the USD, so three of these setups are canceled before they could trigger. One setup is still looking strong though, and that is AUD/NZD. Continue Reading  »

Brexit Trading Plan + Daily Price action analysis – 2016-06-28

Will I continue trading through Brexit?
The way Brexit has gone will likely continue to impact the Forex market for months. From what David Cameron has said, he has no intention of triggering article 50, and he has passed the burden on to the next prime minister. This means we are unlikely to see a resolution to Brexit for another 3-6 months.

So what should I do? Give up trading for the rest of this year? Continue Reading  »

How to enter trades at the right time – Training session

Do you struggle knowing when to enter a trade?
Well then you already know that finding a great trade setup is not enough. After you find the trade, you need to figure out where to enter. And that can be tough…

…If you enter the trade too early, you might be jumping into a false move. If you enter the trade too late, you miss out on a lot of pips.

Here is an example:
Me and Bob want to enter short on EUR/USD, Continue Reading  »

Daily Forex price action analysis – 2016-05-11

Sorry, but today’s price action analysis is a little rushed as I am busy tonight, so I will make this short…

…We have a great looking trade setup forming on EUR/USD and an average setup forming on NZD/USD. Two of yesterdays setups triggered, EUR/JPY short and USD/CAD short. I entered EUR/JPY but it is not going as well as I would have liked, I am not closing out though.

For detailed info on these setups and yesterday trade, Continue Reading  »

Daily Forex price action analysis – 2016-05-10

In today’s price action analysis I spot four potential trade setups. Out of the four setups, EUR/JPY looks to be the strongest. Price is stalling heavily on the 124.50 resistance area, and it looks like a short trade is forming. At the time of writing this, there is still a few hours until candle close. However, if it closes similar to what it looks like now, I will probably take this trade.

We also have a setup forming on AUD/JPY, Continue Reading  »

Daily Forex price action analysis – 2016-05-09

In today’s price action analysis I spot two potential setups on GBP/USD and USD/JPY. It is too early to plan an entry, stop, or target on either of these pairs. However, I will be monitoring each of these pairs closely for the rest of the day.

How to Trade My Strategy
For the most detailed breakdown of my free strategy, and for a very through explanation of price action, check out my free Three Day Blitz webinar series. Continue Reading  »

What are you struggling with most in your trading?

After the recent three day price action blitz webinars I held, forex4noobs has blown up. This has brought countless new traders to the site, and I have received a lot of emails from struggling traders asking for advice. Which makes me wonder, how many of you guys out there are also struggling?

Well, I want to help.

So, I want you to do one thing for me… Answer the question below.

What are you struggling with most in your trading that is stopping you from being profitable? Continue Reading  »

Daily Forex price action analysis – 2016-03-30

In today’s Price Action analysis I spot several trade setups on EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, and USD/CAD. Sadly, by the time I was ready to post the analysis, the trade setups were already canceled as price continued to move with the trend. I thought it was worth posting this analysis anyway…

…Because this is just a reality of trading. Sometimes you do your analysis, you see great setups, you get excited, then BAM, price keeps moving and its all over. Continue Reading  »

Daily Forex price action analysis – 2016-03-29

Today we have a potential short forming on the EUR/JPY 12hr chart. We still have over 6 hours until the 12hr candle closes, so this setup is not set in stone. In today’s Price Action analysis, I breakdown the potential EUR/JPY short, and explain how I might trade it.

I also talk a little about losing streaks, how long is a normal losing streak? Should you freak out if you lose four trades in a row? Continue Reading  »

Daily Forex price action analysis – 2016-03-23

Sorry guys, I know it has been a few weeks since I have done my analysis. I have been very busy lately, between the three day webinar series, and managing the advanced course forum, I find it hard to make several videos each week…

… But hopefully today’s analysis makes up for the last few weeks, because today we have two potential setups!

Want to know how to put this price action analysis to use?
If you’re a price action newbie, Continue Reading  »

Forex Price Action Trading Webinars – Three Day Blitz 2016

The Three Day Price Action Blitz is complete, and it has been the best year ever!

Wow, it was a fun three days for me, and while there were some stressful points, I really enjoyed hosting the webinars and sharing my Price Action techniques.

Before linking you to the recordings I want to make two very important announcements…

… The first is about trading psychology. I believe trading psychology is one of the hardest things for a Forex trader to master. Continue Reading  »

Daily Forex price action analysis – 2016-02-23

In today’s price action analysis I take a quick look through all of the pairs I trade. Sadly, there isn’t much happening that I would want to trade…

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Starting on March 1st 2016, at 18:00 GMT, I will be hold a series of free webinars. In the webinars I will take you through some of my advanced price action techniques. The webinars will be split up over three days, Continue Reading  »