EURJPY Short coming up + more (Price action analysis 2017-09-20)

In today’s analysis I take another look at the EURJPY potential short from yesterday and share my pending entry order level. I also spot a potential setup on GBPCAD, watch the analysis for more.

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2 thoughts on “EURJPY Short coming up + more (Price action analysis 2017-09-20)
  1. Hi Nick
    Do you ever take “seasonality” into account with your strategy. JPY always becomes weak from 3rd week in August into Thanksgiving day – or even into December and I have made loads so far trading JPY pairs since 3rd week August again this year. Being aware of “seasonal” trades give traders an edge.


    1. Yes I have, I have very detailed stats that I have been gather for several years. I use seasonality in swing trading though, not in very short term trades like this one.