Scalp line at 200.80

Wasn’t around guys (my birthday today) since the market was moving so slowly it would probably have been a good idea to shoot for 30 pips only on this trade. In case you haven’t heard me mention it before in a slow moving market I go for 30, in a fast moving market I go for 70, and in a normal market I go for 50 (90% of the time).

I know I should have mentioned this in the blog but my friends threw me an early surprise party. I always expect surprise parties on the day of my birthday so I am never really surprised. This time they did it the day before and actually surprised me. So yeh no time to update the blog.

I doubt it would have matter much anyway since it only went up about 25 pips but with scalps if they do not go your way right away it is probably best to close. You shouldn’t let this one drop back down to -50.

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